Original costumes?

@Roxx back in nov 2021 in thread " [A lot of outfits censored, changed, remodeled or replaced] you wrote:

where are they tho? there is no option to turn on the original costumes.
why does ags keep lying?

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I want a bikini.


Starting outfits:

However we haven’t had a lot of skin releases, so I’m assuming they are coming.

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ty my dude. shame the source link doesnt even work lmao but yeah, sure, “There are players who can confirm.”

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Yeah I tried to find the legit source earlier, I think it’s one of those top threads about skins. It’s harder to tell on Steam than on here because it doesn’t just jump to the dev posts.

i mean, it shouldn’t even be a problem in the first place… its rated m yet they feel morally superior to make supid changes like that

Or you @xxisheya just being an impatient arse in plain sight, and think calling out our beloved CM Roxx is ok.

RNG Jesus has place eternal curse on you

whiteknighting much but you do you

True that it is an M rated game including suggestive themes; however, I don’t feel it was about being morally superior otherwise they wouldn’t include them at all, or even plan to.
As for their actual reasoning for doing it this way, we can only make assumptions as none of us were at any meetings during the progress for the NA/EU launch.