Other players leaving mid-chaos dungeon bug

Just ran a chaos dungeon through matchmaking (Punika Moon Level 2 (IL 1340). After the second level, one player accessed the portal prompting the message to move on to the next level. Other three players, including the player who initiated the portal, left the dungeon. When I tried to move on to the last level alone, the game wanted two players to accept despite my being the only one in the dungeon. It was for my daily run too :frowning: .

I farm chaos dungeons too so I understand why people are leaving. But why can’t people do it in solo if they are going to leave? Kinda frustrating.

the game still wanting multiple people to accept the portal or you get stuck just seems like really good game design

I too received a similar bug but not regarding other players leaving. I was running a solo chaos dungeon Punika Moon Level 2 Item Level 1340. Upon entering a golden portal on stage 2, my character was stuck and I could not press any button or open any menus. -1 to my daily run unfortunately.