Other regions have the events but also the extra content that gives you more resource income

Meanwhile here we are missing the extra content and we only have some scuffed event. Why are we satisfied with so little and we have to be fine with some leftovers and being treated as some third class citizens? I dont get it

With the latest event and PvP vendor we have enough materials. The problem is coming post 1370 with the gold and in some part with the silver.

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the events are def. nice but the pvp-vendor is pretty much a non-option for most players.

pvp takes a LOT of getting used to (i personally do not like the amount of stagger at all) and you only get 60 tokens for a loss.
buying a SINGLE bag of T3 shards costs 6xx (cant remember exact number, somewhere in the 600s) so thats 10+ losses for ONE bag if shards.

if you dont enjoy pvp (which MANY people just dont) then the grind to get enough tokens to buy out the pvp-vendor is beyond bearable…
(am i saying it should be easier to buy out the pvp-vendor? not necessarily but i dont think naming it as a “good source of mats” is a valid argument)

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