Other solution than roster transfers

@Roxx Hey!
If you are not able to let us transfer our rosters normally, because it’s not a game feature, why don’t you just transfer half of the servers to EUW region? Transfering whole server shouldn’t be a problem, because you would just manually transfer one database at the time, even if it would take one long maintenance - we can wait. at the moment game is totally unplayable besides hours 02 am - 1 pm.
If you would transfer whole few servers then it would solve lag problems, as it would fix source of the problem (connected matchmaking and AH between all servers in the region being extremally overloaded now) then you could open like 2-3 new servers on each region to help with the queues but still not overload the region not to cause any more lags.
The point is that even if we will almost get rid of queues on EU Central - lags won’t go away, lags start even before all servers are full, because the infrastructure is overloaded as hell.
There’s too many servers, nothing else to say.
Today I noticed the lags have started when only like half of servers were full, rest were busy at server status page.

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I see what you are trying to say but it’s still not a permanent solution unfortunately. Most people would be stuck with an empty ah for a while but that would eventually get better, the problem here is that there’s no simple way to support the flux of players because of the way that the game was built. One thing would be upgrading the slots per server but that can’t be done anymore due to (again) the way the game was built and since new servers/region ain’t helping the only solution is the development of server transfering systems.

Ofc it’s permanent solution and the AH wouldnt be empty… They would move populated servers, so AH would be half as active on both regions.
Upgrading slots per server would only make problem worse…
QUEUES AREN’T THE PROBLEM! Problem is that when u get pass the queue the game is unplayable

Technical issue is that the whole region is a “server”. It’s unlikely Amazon would be able to just cut off few parts and move them around between regions.

It’s also not ethical. Friends and communities had to split-up over servers due to the launch chaos. They suck it up, because it’s still possible to play the important content together cross-server. There is no cross-play for cross-region.

It’s just not possible to do this. Real fix would be decreasing the amount of online players while increasing the queues for sake of stability.

Decreasing slots in servers might work, but imagine the amount of tears people would shed over even longer queues, because they want to login to game and not be able to play instead of playing normally and just wait a bit longer xD

I fully agree on your solution.
There are a lot of servers dedicated for specific languages - the biggest ones.
They would be moveable. Those who are too stupid to realize they are in a language based
server - well i cant help them…
Swap those and it is fine. It is possible to transport tons of material like paper, steel, sand bla. Why not physical servers (if it is not possible to make a backup digitally… what is already strange)

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There are a few things people tend to forget when it comes to server congestion and i will try to point out a few things i expirienced over the past 15 years. I know it doesn’t fit in this topic directly but there are some indications in the OP that can shed some light on some issues.

1. Amount of Servers available for each region

The initial amount of available servers is the bare minimum based on the expected players count. Those expected player numbers are just estimates at best. Yes, companies have more accurate numbers when it comes to product sales but they only give you a glimps of what is ahead of you.
In a free to play environment there are no pre sales in that regard. Usually the ALPHA (friends and family) and BETA version (closed or open) is used to get an rough idea what to expect. Founder packs are usually sold there to include early access to the BETA or to the full game to get a even better idea on how many server are needed.
To further minimize investment costs, they tend to use cross server technology that behaves differently from game to game. Matchmaking Systems that will reduce waiting times down the road because the majority of players moved on.
More servers are not always better!
If you have the current trend of MMO player numbers in mind for the upcoming 2 to 3 month after launch then you will see that there is a massive drop in active playing users.
They tend to drop drastically (70-80%) because players will leave for other games that are about to launch or because they are not happy with the game.

Google Trends will not give you 100% accurate numbers on this but it certainly gives a general idea of what’s going on in your region or worldwide.

2. Additional servers

Adding new servers to a region is a common way in order to help out the initial rush of players. Usually the number of servers that are added is not that high simply because they are there to serve the purpose of helping out with the initial rush if the interest is very high. However, with the above mentioned trends, it would be an absolute waste of resources and money to accommodate all players at launch. They expect players to leave and therefore they adjust the number of servers and plan ahead.

3. Login Queues

The situation in most launches is that there are high Q times to login because of high player counts and the databases (regional or worldwide) are not fully optimized for that particular game. One way is to have regional databases (Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia) that syncronize with the world data base on a regular basis to protect players progression.
The login Queues are usually there to prevent data loss because the general database can’t handle all the requests on its own and would crash. It’s somewhat a protective measure to avoid even worse problems like loss of progression.

I don’t work for Amazon or Smilegate and i am certainly not an expert in that area. However i have a general understanding in that area because i am working in application support which is at least similar to what the support staff is doing here. The things i explained above are not necessarily the same infrastructure that Amazon uses and i don’t expect it to be confirmed.

I agree with what you said, but the problem here is in the base infrastructure of the game.
In Lost Ark server isn’t separate from the other, matchmaking is cross-server, thats why you don’t experience lags when u finally manage to get into dungeon or when u write on party-chat when u have only people from same server in party.
Problem starts when u interact with players from different servers, then the ping goes up to 30000ms and u have around 30s delay with message/character profile of something like that.
It is caused by the amount of servers and players connecting with each other simultanously.
There is no solution to this unless people just leave / switch server. The only solution would be swap half of the server to other region, so the system wouldn’t be so overwhelmed and it could work properly, cuz i don’t know if you noticed, we have lags even when we dont rly have queues, and the lags will continue. With current market state I don’t think they would be able to provide strong enough hardware to manage that huge amount of servers+players. Thats why i suggested moving some servers away, then players wouldnt lose progress and they could actually play the game.

They are seperate servers or individual databases but they are combined into a clusters or groups, called regions.

The regional databases also have a limit of requests they can handle however a crash is rarely seen because they are not directly linked to all the requests wordwide which the main database has to deal with.
Matchmaking is a cross server system to minimize wait times later down the road and is probably not 100% functional at this time. There may be errors or exceptions that lead to unnesessary failure of creating parties. The amount of players in a party don’t matter at this point because the “program” or “function” fails at a condition that is not related to the player number in the party.
That may be the reason why you get several error messages during matchmaking, although you are solo.

As for the ping…
It was already mentioned several times by Amazon staff that the current issues are related to server congestion. With that in mind i tend to believe that each server in a cluster / group is overwhelmed with all kinds of requests from the players / clients and therefore times out eventually. A time out is literally a state where the communication between server and client (player) is too long or interrrupted and therefore the request is denied by the server.

Again… I am no expert in this but it is my general understanding from my personal expirience from work and from private gaming expirience.