Our beloved AGS thinks that if players are enjoying this game, the game is going to die faster - Heres the official stance from their team

The official stance of their team is at bottom quoted by their messenger roxx - please note, roxx is not responsible for a team-decision, they have made this as a team and such should always be referred as team

First starting this, i would love if somebody could elaborate to me, How can a team of smart indviduals (AGS-TEAM) be actually come to a conclusion that a game will have shorter life-span if you give players what they want or come atleast half-way forward? Is ags really believing that if players are ENJOYING this game, the game is going to have shorter life-span instead of longer one? what the actual — i cant myself believe this

‘‘hey everyone, lets make the player experience for a huge chunk of players miserable, toxic, and unfair by releasing first the classes that nobody plays, and hey, thats not enough, lets also release the missing AND popular ones VERY slowly so that the waiting players suffer even more, that will make the game run much much longer cheers to that!!!’’ ’

– it seems like this way the way theyre going?

im stating this again that im not targeting roxx or anyone else in the team but im trying to pass this as a feedback (surprise, you guys probably dont care about any of our feedback at all as proven by the roadmap) but how can company actually make an risk to bring ‘‘more revenue’’ when it costs player their positive gaming experience, i hope the ags understand that taking such a huge risk in gaming is never worth, why risk it when you can play it safe and work around with players together to create more revenue?

Do you really expect to win anything by extending the class releases by a month for every one except make players unhappy.

How the team doesnt understand that we players watch streams, we watch youtube videos, and all these missing classes are thrown in our face, and then we just wonder when? ohh but we have to wait until our publisher has satisfied their greediness. And thats gonna create a positive image of AGS?

How does a company not care about the players opinion at all? like look at other games, i’ve never ever seen a gaming company getting hate this much. How can i talk anything good about AGS when all they take into account is money? If im not an investor of million dollars, i wont get scouter until a year is passed?


Every game does this though. Its hardly something new.

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Name one game then? if its every game, name few more then

someone didnt get the class they wanted lol


Lost ark in japan, lost ark in russia, black desert online I believe that’s just off the top of my head.

Its pretty common if a game comes to one region years later after its first region it doesn’t start with all content OR all classes.

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So you say every game does this, and you name me the same game not only once, but twice lol


Just treat the unreleased classes as unreleased class, regardless of whether or not it was released in other regions. Thinking negatively that you got the short end of a stick in a game isn’t healthy for your mental. You have 6 character slots to play with and as long as you save one for scouter you are good!

Cynics can be quite lonely.


[quote=“Admir, post:6, topic:399245”]
nce, but twice lol
[/quote]I am sure other people who play mmorpg’s can back me up on this one, i just can’t remember off the top of my head. But i remember it being the case of games i played in the past quite regularly.

SinoAlice, FFBE, DFFOO, Arknights, Epic Seven, etc etc to infinity


It doesnt work that way, open your youtube, open your twitch, open your social media, all you get blasted with is the missing classes that others are enjoying, and what are we? suppose to drool something that should’ve come in good pace to us?

If atleast they talked about the cadence, nobody would mind this, wait 6 months? atleast you know for sure.


Those games do not even come close to lost ark as MMORPG

Don’t kid yourself. Lost Ark is a mobile game as it has all of the mechanics of a mobile game.

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Lol, you must be mistaken, lost ark is an cardboard game! Just digitalized!

Not relevant tho. You asked for games which were released in another region and did not have all content. You got those. Now you are just arguing because people named some.

And about naming twice: it is more relevant to name Lost Ark JR and RU as those are the precedents for the EU/NA Version. It wasn’t a new decision. it was not a surprise. It was not even AGS. Everyone who informed themselves would know the content would not be there and will come later on with a faster cadence than it came to KR.

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:rofl: i have to agree with her
lost ark is barely an mmo

I like how you used only mobile games with predatory/aggressive models… that’s how LOA feels right now lmao

Exactly, and its not news that those 2 games are not succesfull at all in terms of playerbase - Why did AGS opt to play the same road?

Whats wrong with them giving a schedule for missing classes? does that hurt their revenue? Theres just so much more questions without answers, and ags promising us to talk with us, to open up, but nope.

I love Deathblade, it is my main since JP server, you don’t speak for me.

Because it is NOT their decision

Maplestory, Tera, Blade & Soul, Vindictus, Soul Worker, Aion, Revelation Online ect… And many of these take longer to release classes than lost ark does.