Our region is a joke to others

Add this in with the hooligans asking for content to be pushed back because they dont know any better, and we’re just a full on clown region that doesnt know anything but school shootings and bmi over 30


I appreciate the sentiment

Stop trolling, the image hes laughing at is from some website ive never even heard of.


I mean other than that u can find clip kr and Russian said NA the worst region after 1 week of lost ark cause we already complain about t1 guardian etc and our honing cost is 3 times lower than them


Troll posts are kinda silly to begin with but what is wrong with you?

how is any of this a troll, the reality is the players on NA do not have the mental to play this game and u can see it by the constant demand of nerfs for every bit of content this game has, even the ones not out yet.

The mentality of players is almost that of children but when u tell them you’re a troll, so maybe if u hear it from people non biased like those from other regions it’ll start to click


You have a clickbait titled youtube video talking about a few streamers by another streamer and decide that it correlates to school shootings and being fat?

I don’t know who hurt you but you might wanna focus on positive mental health. This is just a game. It will not break people nor fix people.

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Nice troll nice troll, take ur bad mentality somewhere else this issue needs to be fixed!

I often call people babies on this forum because it truly is the mental state of the people who complain about this games mechanics and content.


True, more constructive conversation for the post thank you! They are babies crying on the forums for no reason asking for nerfs and free upgrade materials because doing anything outside of chaos dungeon is too hard

And we also gain less materials and gold from every activity. Our version is nerfed as fuck. Do your damn research .

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Nope your wrong look it up


Why do you guys think Gear score requirements have been raised from 1355 to 1370 ?

Yea lul :rofl:

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I completely agree. I knew the game releasing to the west was going to be a shit show due to the amount of absolute clowns in NA/EU. Mainly NA but you know. Every game that is transferred to a western audience is just complained about and asked for nerf this nerf that. There are posts asking to nerf argos now and more its actually insane. These forums are the biggest guilty pleasure for me. It makes me feel better about living outside of the U.S knowing that there are a fewer portion of people like this in my surroundings.

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TRUE, you truly are blessed to not have to deal with the hooligans we have the displeasure of playing with. it is truly disgusting the difference between west iq/skill level and eastern.

Hopefully in my next life ill be reborn as a chinese woman so i dont have to experience these players ever again

These clowns will go into these foreign streamers chats and talk about how the game is so good, then ask for nerfs to do the same content they just watched their streamer do unnerfed, then go back in the chat and say “oh yea we did that boss too :sunglasses: just had to be nerfed 75%”

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