Out of knowledge transfer and no pass. Sadge

Hey. im playing the game since release and i have 12 character slot and yes i deleted some characters after using powerpass or knowledge transfer. problem here is that if you are not gonna give a powerpass on each new class release me and people like me who spent all of knowledge transfers and passes are sad.
(Well for me it wasnt competitive using of powerpass&knowledge transfers, i was enjoying the game a looot and wanted to try and learn each class that im interested thats why i deleted. now even tho i have 12 character slot im only playing with 3 of them and the rest is on rest for weeks).

I’m really excited for Machinist and until now i already did the 1-50 questline 4-5 times so you can imagine how boring it could be for me to do it again and i guess if you dont bring any pass (even vern pass) or some knowledge transfers, i wont be able to play Machinist class.

Thats just what i feel, I’m not into discussion of “why no powerpass” etc. just as an individual, explaining the situation from my perspective.


The purchasable power passes are back in the shop and active, all the way to 1302

Not sure if you didn’t know, as you didn’t mention them in your post.

dont worry, AGS just helping you out from the insanity that is playing that many character

If u can afford Char slots u also can afford power pass…

Don’t worry the story is super fun and engaging to run through again

Just think how much better you will be on him because you actually played him up to T3 instead of boosting up to 1370 and the rest of us having to endure your learning curve.

OP kinda buries he went through 20+ characters when he says has 12 characters and out of knowledge transfers. Yes he said deleted some but this glosses over he went through so many chars.

Math is simple - game won’t allow knowledge xfer unless 1 manually done for every 1 knowledge xfer.

Therefore, for OP to be out of all 9 Vern KTs, he made and used 9 KTs + 9 manually leveled all the way through vern story. That is 18 characters, plus 2 free powerpass everyone got.

That is minimum 20 characters, 22 if he used both event express passes. Either way, not saying 9 KT limit is good, but most players won’t hit the limit for awhile since that requires 20+ characters (more if counting express pass events)