Outplay the captcha

im sure , the captcha system already bypassed by the bots . here some pict for your day :wink:

is this pic from NAW server O_o ?

this game is 10% real ppl and 90% bots…


Which region is this?

this is from EU for sure. NAW with captcha has no bots

We’re working to assess the effectiveness of CAPTCHA with the ongoing test, but please keep in mind it is currently only being tested in a single region (North America West)



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NAW player. Today the bots returned and so did the hh in chat. Funny thing is that I did not get prompted for CAPTCHA today.

I’ve gotten captcha 7 or so times so far. The hardest part was figuring wtf it’s asking me to do or what I’m looking at. But once you get past the initial shock, they are fairly easy and trivial to do. I don’t imagine bots with any decent image recognition software would get stumped by them for long.

Doing my dailies, it’s very noticeable that bots are returning en masse in known hotspots (North Vern port, North Vern honing NPC, Lopang, etc).

Where? Any screenshots of bots in NAW?

None forbids botters from manually imputing before starting the bot.

Also likely those didnt disconnect since the very first login.

It is still a good measure as it make botters lose time. The closer you get to have botters lose margin on botting the less there ll be around.

@Roxx have you thought about a system able to track the online hrs count? Likely you can set up a FAIR amount of max consecutive hrs you can be perma connected and script a 24 hrs/48 hrs/perma ban sequenxe for them.

As much as possibly mistakeable, i dont think anythingnpast 16 hrs a day still being logged in is human or multiaccounting, which is wrong anyways. Wont fix it but prolly help reduce the amount of unspotted bots.

On top, those would have been farmibg for 16 hrs and the gold loss would be huge

I know this and all Im asking is for a screenshot of bot in NAW. Thats all.

the screenshot was taken on NAW valtan server , its been 3 days i observe the bots slowly comeback to the game :rofl:

These are the bots probably did the captcha manually (by a real person who monitors the bots) and will be kicked neglected. There are few bots roaming around in NAW but not that crowded anymore unlike before the captcha.

They said that it is only being TESTED in a certain region. And they also said this was a test run which means work in progress and they made no promise that it would even work.

How much exactly would they lose on this? I mean what can you be doing for more than 16h per day that would still earn you gold? Fishing doesn’t take that long. Doing 2xChaos Dungeon, maybe Chaos Gate, maybe 2xGR, maybe 1xBoss Rush, maybe 1xCube, 3xUna’s - that doesn’t take more than 16h either. Maybe they are farming a bit of adventure book items, but most of them sell for like 1g and I don’t think it is hard to track bots doing it.

Donit for 24 hrs.

That s a net loss of 33% gold farmed x day.

Would it fix it? Ofc no.

Would it help? Defenetly.

When it comes to bots people fails to understand the logic behind them. Lets say setting up one bot costs you 1 dollar, and the bot produces a value of 4 before getting banned. Id be making more since i get 3 dolars outta every single one.

Lets say captcha reduce the overall value of the same bot to 3 farmed dollars each. I ll still do it. Lets say the disconnection after 16 hrs max gets it to 2 dollars per bot before ban. Now i only get twice the value. I still can profit from it but much less.

Lets say other methods are implemented cutting down the profit margin to 1.2

Likely, you ll stop botting or bot another game.

The ultimate purpose of fighting bots isnt getting rid of them 100% but to make their profit the closest possible to 0.

Lowest profit = highest price of rmt gold = rmt gold close to costing as legit gold ingame = less people willing to risk rmt

Tl dr: would you still rmt if buying 100k gold costed 50 bucks in the shop and 40
Via third party? Likely not.