Over geared people entering T1 abyss


I have two friends that I invited to play the game and they were so excited because I kept telling them about how cool the raids are in this game. They both managed to reach level 50 in no time and I made a new character using Vern powerpass in able for me to play with them with same content. Then comes yesterday when we did our first Abyss Dungeon and I didn’t get to make them feel the thrill of the full raid experience because we got carried by over geared people (1300 - 1400 literally 3 hits bosses) entering T1 Abyss Dungeons. Yes they were disappointed and I just told them that it will get better in T2/T3 contents. I feel like I betrayed them (betray is not exactly the word I’m wanna say) but you know what I mean.


Yes, we tried doing party finder but it just takes too long been waiting for 40 minutes for someone our level to join and no one did.
Yes, we tried doing the raid with just the three of us but we were not successful.


I hope there is a way to scale down the ability of over geared people when entering T1 contents so its not ruined for people who actually want to do the raid properly.


Unfortunately, geared players will always be running lower abyss dungeons to chase cards. I’m annoyed too when I come across overgeared players, because at that point nothing I do matters. I’m not really able to play the game while they’re there as they just trivialize the encounters.

If you’re running with 2 other friends, you can vote to abandon and try to requeue in hopes of getting someone of equal gear. It sucks, but that’s how it is.

So ur solution is to have the higher people suffer ??? Sry but Partyfinder is the best solution …

The word you are looking for is lead on.

You felt like you lead them on to believe that it would be difficult/exciting.

And, they most likely will not adjust any tier 1 or tier 2 content now that majority of players are hitting tier 3.

They do not want players in tier 1 & tier 2 to begin with.

By now ppl rarely run Abyssals when their Alts can run them, but when it is easy to run them.

The only exception are Oreha and Argos right now.

The reason is simple: The rewards suck…

Just be happy to have that checked off the list fast.
There will be enough challenges ahead later on.

What you expect people to work even harder to this repeat content for cards?
Only way downscaling would be acceptable, if you get more gold and relevant materials to your tier. Just because you want “original experience” doesn’t mean others need to be affected by it. This will never work, because it’s just more dev time for nothing. Just get more friends, if you can’t fill party.


I appreciate your reply it makes sense and strikes a real argument for a conversation unlike the other three replies in this thread which translates to:

“Wahh wahh wahh please dont let mighty people like us suffer f*ck the people in lower tiers!”

Anyway, yes I understand that but all I’m saying is there are people who wants to do the raids properly to have a fun thrilling experience. So maybe just maybe and I am not demanding it simply telling about our experience and hoping that maybe we can have this for people who actually want to experience the full raid experience. You know just putting it out there.

In that case I can only recommend making your own party in groupfinder and choosing whom you take with.

The fact that its a no-Gold run disinceitivises most ppl from queueing for low content already :slight_smile: - what else are they gonna do?
If they straight up ban ppl from doing it, that will get them a ton of backlash (rightfully so)…

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This is why the normalized abyss dungeon activity needs to be enabled for NA/EU. Because it’ll let people experience the early dungeons properly without the issues, and the rewards are useful so it’ll always have population.

Yeah it sucks, I know. Also, I am not looking for recommendation on what to do I am just simply sharing our experience and giving a feedback. Again just putting it out there for the devs/CM to see. If they consider it or not its always up to them all I’m doing is giving them a feedback and hoping that it gets heard.

And oh I did not say anywhere in this post to ban them. I said scale down their abilities to match the proper gear level so they don’t insta kill the bosses.

Care to explain what is a normalized abyss dungeon? Its the first time I heard of it.

As I said, chances are it won’t happen. That is development/resources allocated tiers that not a lot of players are in and on top of it as I said they don’t want them there.

This is why you will see them release the express events. This is to boost players out of tier 1-2 completely.

Nope, you are welcomed too. Just giving you a heads up if you didn’t know the history of lost ark.

There’s a big reason they do not want anyone in lower tiers.

It’s part of the content disabled for NA/EU.

As I understand it, it’s something like ‘Trial Abyss Dungeons’ and every two weeks it rotates to a different Abyss Dungeon for that time period. All item levels/stats are squashed down to the minimum to play the dungeon, and if it’s lower Tier than higher tier stats are disabled. (So if we got Necromancers on rotation, gems and tripods on gear, along with gear set bonuses potentially, are disabled.)

The rewards are apparently quite attractive and because everyone is on even footing, people can’t avoid playing the mechanics.

Edit: You see this ‘normalized’ effect in the event 3 guardian raid we have going now I believe.

What you want my friend is what SG is witholding from us. It’s called Abyss Trail (or so it was in KR/RU version). A version of the Abyssal Dungeon which is level synced.

Cause the t3 does baiscly get nothing but the card and wanna rush it. If u make it scale they will always have it hard.
Right now u can have it hard or easy by just using the party finder. With ur wanted change i make it that only one way is possible… So all the people who wanna rush it can’t anymore .

That’s selfish.

And so far i 95% used the party finder and never had more the. A few minutes to look for a group.
Maybe ur hours are bad or ur server has no.players i don’t know

I agree with the op. Now… I also do that. I do run t1s on all of my characters(none actually in t1) and I can mostly delete the bosses with a few hits. Knowing how this can suck for people I ask them at the start if they want “carry” or no and I choose to play according to that.

“offering a solution” implies that u want it changed that way … Otherwise your whole post has zero reason to exist …
If you don’t want it changed perfect no change then … What’s again the reason u posted then again ???

this is one of the reasons I try to stay ahead of the curve, so it is easy to find people for stuff like this.
Also when I reran the t1 dungeons when I got to t2 I did mm, but always asked the group if they wanted to go with a “booster” since it would ruin their first time experience.

But all you can really do is try to find a guild that is relative to your desired item level if you want shorter wait times. Not against your idea about downscaling (if rewards are good) which would make it so no content becomes obsolete and not like they are now with the exception for events in the current KR version.

the dungeons downscale when 3 enter it. If you could not clear it with the three of you then you literally need a carry, adding a 4th person with equal gear and skill will result in a wipe by your own post.

Strongly suggest you look at your skills/gearing of your characters as there is pretty much zero difficult ones in t1/t2.