Overdrive, limit break tripod crit

I noticed that when my overdrive with the limit break tripod doesn’t crit, it counts for both hits. I tested it in trixion and every time the first hit doesn’t crit, the second hit will also not crit. Same applies when it crits.
Seems like it’s coded as one hit, but displays in two numbers. Feels really bad in raids, and this should not happen with 82% crit rate, but it happens every time with that skill only.

Sounds like a skill issue (no pun intended)
But heres a tip for you, if you wanna just do more damage in general, play the combo version not the charged one :smiley_cat:

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Hi there! What is your character name and server name?

Character name: Pertt
Server: Lazenith

I know the combo is more dps, but I like the charge one for bigger number unga bunga

Thanks for this info!