Overflow of mats but not enough currency, thoughts?

This is a depressing solution xD.

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Overflow of materials? Not even close. T3 at only 1340. I don’t have enough materials or currency at the moment. I got two honing success out of everything this week before going broke on mostly materials.

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I was very lucky and jumped from 1345 to 1356 with the mats (that im already out of and broke again). Other’s haven’t been as lucky. There is still a weekly cap on both event vendors, whales are still leagues ahead of everyone, and I’m back to getting a sprinkling of mats and gold.

So no, at T3, around 1340, the “overflow” of mats isn’t enough. We need the three other sources that we’re still missing that don’t have weekly caps.


T3 at 1350. 1 alt at 910 and another at 480.

Still have 6.7million silver. Gold I was never rich. But I still have about 15k.

I did and do a shit load of side content tho. And I never waste silver. No gem rerolls. And Stones that start up bad (1 line) i just stop, etc.

I kept hearing about the so called silver sink in T3. But it must be after 1370. Because I’m certainly very far from having silver issues.

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Been trying to get past 1340 and over the last two days it’s cost me around 1000 gold with ZERO progress. Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail. If it continues like this then I won’t have enough gold left for anything, not just honing.


Yeah they need to inject some silver sources to pair with all these materials.

I replied to Roxx’s comment in my thread about the event announcement thread indicating the event was per roster per day, saying pretty much the same thing this thread is getting at - the addition of all these artificial temporary honing material sources has meant that players are honing much more frequently than they would at any of the given ilvl ranges they are honing at, which is resulting in them outpacing the current silver/gold sources available to them.

If we are going to have this mechanism exist to offset the honing slowdowns prevalent in the game at the moment as a result of us missing a few different content avenues (which I agree with AGS and Smilegate is the correct decision), then we also need those honing materials to be paired with a matching amount of currency to actually gone our gear with.

Whatever the total amount of possible honing that has been ADDED through these events, not counting the honing players can do with the normal material sources we have, should have it’s total silver cost added to the respective event vendors. Whatever the total honing that the Arkesia Racing event vendor enables a player to do across their characters by buying out the vendor, should have it’s total silver cost added to the vendor for purchase as well - the same with the Guardian Raid event.

@Roxx It would be fantastic if we could get a response on this issue as well, you guys did an awesome job with this event and even I can see how this issue with the silver wall could have been overlooked - however it would be great if we could get this looked at ASAP and hopefully get this added to the vendors for next week.

If we get this in the works ASAP, we can get it in-game faster and have this entire character progression bottleneck situation resolved.

(I’m not sure how much gold is playing into honing this situation, but I know for me at 1385 it’s starting to be a factor - might be a good idea to look at that a little bit as well)


There does need to be a temporary gold buff. The bots are competing and syphoning the gold from the game to rmt, and they are willing to sell things very cheap. We need a gold injection to legitimate players, just enough to add liquidity and allow people to buy and sell easily without having to sell underpriced just to get gold that is desperately needed.


I was hoarding mats for 2 weeks when I was 1345, with last update I pushed to 1370 and it costed me around 2 million silver and about 10k gold. The silver should not be a problem at all unless you burnt it all for no reason, rerolling gems or w/e. However for gold it’s more difficult … Either you grind the life skills, which are really not engaging, or you get lucky with good accessories drop :confused:
Since you can’t even make alts to grind abyssal dungeons that’s the only way

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@LadyKytana Overflow of mats is referring to the Grand Prix Vendor, Guardian Raid Event Vendor, and PvP Vendors all being added. Whether you agree with it or not players are receiving a lot of raw mats. I’m sorry your success rate was low though that is always a bummer.

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So what, you expect players that aren’t spending time playing and are not spending money to skip the time required to just automatically be able to skip to endgame content?

That’s not how a game like this works dude.

Pick one. You spend time playing and grinding to advance, OR you pay money to skip the grind. That is how these games work. That is why this game is FREE TO PLAY. If you don’t want to either spend time grinding or money to skip it, then you are not going to advance. Every single game that uses this business model works this way.

If your friends just expected to keep up without doing either of those then they were mistaken. That’s not how these games work.

the silver problem comes after 1370

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With everything they have gave us still wanting currency from them when you can get it in game it’s an out of mind thing in my honest opinion.

1370 isnt where this is going to become apparent to you, you’re close though. Also as you said:

meaning you effectively stopped interacting with the main system that uses silver to be able to upgrade.

Have you gottten your full legendary set from Oreha HM/Argos yet?

Im at 1345. I have a huge problem with gold. Ive been upgrading the stronghold and it basically ate all the gold i had (which wasnt much tbh, 2-3k). Im also loosing silver pretty fast due to honing, travelling, etc. Looks like its lacking in the endgame? Or perhaps im doing everything wrong.

Ah yes, bots no longer exist and the market never hyper-inflated negatively impacting a larger portion of players who haven’t progressed thru t1 and t2 yet.

Obviously it’s fine and that’s why AGS is giving a huge influx of mats to players, because that’s just how the game works and there are never any problems that require player feedback to solve.

Thank you for opening my eyes, clearly nothing will ever change, so what’s the point in trying at all.

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So all of that time that your friends don’t have to play, can now be used to acquire more silver and gold instead of having to farm for mats on top of acquiring silver and gold.

Convenient right? Nah, let’s complain about the fact that free mats are somehow a BAD thing because we want to advance to end game without doing anything.

I have 5 Legendary pieces yep, still have over 2 million silver and about 10k Gold. However I didn’t get ANY SINGLE usable accessories from both Abyssal Dungeons + Argos P1. So I don’t have any legendary accessory and I weren’t able to sell anything. So I’m broke basically, need to find a way to make gold

I mean to be fair, like you may play 10 hours per day but there isnt really that much to do that can generate gold in that 10 hrs.

Like you are providing false information to people into thinking that you can just churn out unlimited supply of gold just by putting in endless hours.

While I do believe that, if you play multiple alts and do multiple abyssal dungeons for gold, but that does not equate to 10 hours/day or even over 5 or 6 hours per day.

What are you even talking about?

You do understand that mats can be sold… so playing 10 hours a day let me hit T3 faster and therefore make more gold by selling to whales who were RMT’ing gold from bots. Hyper inflation won’t last forever as value of gold drops but so do mats, making the farms you referenced practically useless and more of a money sink than an investment of time.

These forums just seem to be full of people answering questions nobody asked, just because you can’t figure it out doesn’t mean somebody else hasn’t. Although, if you understood that you wouldn’t be posting ignorant comments like the quoted one.

1302 isn’t even endgame, we are in catch-up mode. T1 and T2 are just an extended tutorial and bots screwed up the progression lines.

“I don’t understand” isn’t really an argument, but it seems to be the one you are making.