Overflow on Toxic in raids

I know there is a influx of low players with the hyper event, got myself a Berserker with 2x3 and 1x2 (out of pheons) but the amount of toxic elitist i meet in low raids like oreha is staggering, calling ppl trash, leave spamming when we can easy kill boss, crying is epic.

Best was 1450 in random that did cry i bid on a legendary book “you were carried” - its random my dear, did not ask for a carry. If you want the leg books go and make a party like most and carry ppl there, don’t call ppl retards because they play the game for Mokoko sake.

Sorry bout the rant but 2x clown and 2x prevaza in a row and i had to report a player each time.



Yes. I know my own fault for going matchmaking, but its mostly fastest way for the low entry raids.

No no, i am not faulting you. I just dont expect why the people you matchmake with expect someone in matchmake have good gear XD

It’s only to be expected a lot of toxic casual that should have been gate keep are comming to those content

The ammout of ppl that dont understand simple concept strat is unreal

Who cares? Can’t you just ignore unsavoury invective?

I hate how commonplace it’s become to throw around this “toxic” word. Did you not learn to deal with bullying when you were children?

I’m genuinely not trying to be a d*ck here. The whining of some random person on the Internet is not something you should give any weight. Just block and move on.


Let me say this other way
I meet you on the streat somewhere and call you “useless/trash/retard” - will you just let it go there?

Just because its a game does not mean we should let this kind of thing slide and ignore. Thats why i report every time. If i want to get called names i go play lol.


If somone park his car in front of your garage and you cant get you car out do you let it slide?

If no should we perma ban from the game rainbow stat no engraving player from the game?

That’s what we call a false equivalence. As I’m sure you’re aware, it depends entirely on context. I’ve had a homeless person do exactly that, but my assessment was they’re deranged, so I continued with my day and walked on.

I imagine most people calling strangers spastic on the Internet are not doing that in real life where they’re face-to-face with someone.

Precisely. You described perfectly the solution to your own problem. Block/report, move on. Those tools exist for a reason.

… yes? Do you go picking fights with every crazy bum?


You don’t?

Not since my bumfight days, no.

I go get the tow truck company to tow the guys car for illegal parking in someone private property. He will have to pay a fee to get it back or he never does.
Anyway that’s beside the point he has a berserker with newbie gear going matchmaking, problem stems from people expecting too much of a high standard in matchmaking.

you dont need the chat in Oreha, so just close it and problem solved :smiley:

No this is false nobody expect a lot from mm only the bare minimum

Well ppl get old :D, jokes aside, if ppl just shut up and do their thing in raid or offer some constructive criticism, this post would not exist, not even trying to hide im just venting, because as you say you can’t do anything about such ppl in the internet (well i do report them :D).

People: use matchmaking and accept everything that comes with it
Also people: afk at the starting point for minutes to inspect everyone’s stats, engravings, gems, card —> vote quit, no carry for you


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Then why does the OP get flamed for having shit geared and think OP is expecting to be carried?
EDIT: this problem has been posted on the forums for quite some time.

Cause they troll

Yes expecting somone to know strat have decent stat and 1 or 2 engraving witch is btw free is not having to much expectation

Even in mm you should be able to do your part

Did i not say im 2x3 and 1x2 engraving, 1375ilvl and with correct stats? for a 3x3 im out of pheons so well happens. Only lack is rly gems and skill lvl as i did not buy them from AH.