Overwhelm rune not available / No compensation ticket for disconnecting on Abyssal dungeon after server global DC


I’m writing this ticket to report 2 issues i had today with my main and an alt character.

The first one is about the overwhelm skill rune unlocked on the Feiton adventurer tome, after using it in the inventory i couldn’t find it with the rest of my skill runes so i restarted the game and i still can’t find it. The name of the character i was playing with is Hillzingizback on the Ninneveh Server of EUC.

The 2nd issue is about one of my alts, i was doing the phantom palace abyssal dungeon more precisely The Hilderbrandt Palace with some friends before the EUC servers crashed and we can’t do it again because it didn’t give any of us the compensation ticket that you normally receive when you DC. The name of the character i was playing with is Asmonisbalds.

Thank you in advance.

The compensation ticket is delivered a day after from what ive read in the announcement.

Frankly i couldn’t care less about that ticket, I already got a T3 char and i was just enjoying that dungeon with some friends that just started playing LOA but the purple overwhelm skill rune is nowhere to be found and when i went back to Feiton’s adventurer tome it said i already claimed it and that rune is a must-have.