Oyster Collection South Vern

Let’s all be honest with ourselves here, this game already has RNG/Luck, whatever you wanna call it pretty much throughout every aspect of this game as is. However, asking people to collect 30 Oysters for a dish with only 10 total spawns (which keep in mind there will be other players, and you’re likely only rotating between 3-4 nodes at most), with observed rates of less than or about 12% chance of success is absurd and just excessive.

We don’t need luck factored into whether my character has butter fingers or not and can manage to pick up some oysters off the ground successfully or not.

It doesn’t help that it’s already difficult enough as is to make progress on the South Vern adventure tome as is since we don’t have access to any of the dungeons yet, most people will not be able to clear Thunderwing (which isn’t even out too) right now, and/or are still farming Moake for that cursed omnium star.

There’s less easy tome progress since we can’t double dip into said dungeon for normal/hard difficulty compared to other zones. There’s less vistas compared to other zones as well. So all we currently really have to work with is the collectibles, unique monsters, hidden story, another stories, and the cooking.

However, we don’t need luck layered into the ability to collect ingredients, when keep in mind, to my knowledge (as someone who has collected a decent amount of cooking ingredients and made good progress in other zones’ adventure tomes) no other zone has this %chance of being able to gather the ingredient off the ground (I am referring specifically to ingredients that are found on the ground, not ones that you have to kill a mob for a %chance drop at). Especially not with these abysmally low rates coupled with the severe lack of spawn locations, talk about a double-whammy.

And don’t think to go and add luck factors to existing ones are the answer, as I’m sure you gambling addicted devs are so eager to do, how about prune out this unnecessary area of luck, and leave it to the other hundreds of places you’ve sprinkled it in? Because this is just getting ridiculously excessive at this point.


My perspective… I got about 6 oysters. I’m not in a rush. I don’t need to complete this to get to Valtan. I’m not asked or forced to complete the adventure tome either.
So it’s fine, UNLESS!!! KR or other version didn’t have this and they intentionally just wanted to add rng oysters to make game p2w! That would be blasphemy.

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Im having ptsd from yorn cooking

Mushrooms (yes these are rng on the ground)

Imported meat


But yes remove rng from cooking stuff pls

I think feiton has rng on the ground too?


Okay the “not asked or forced to line” irks me because that can be applied to pretty much anything that you aren’t either legally required to do/are being threatened to do. And if I wanna get to 70% to get the merchant who sells the legendary Conviction rune, it’s already hard enough to reach that point for the reasons I outlined originally.

But yeah, it’s not technically a very urgent or major thing, but it’s just ridiculous and excessive.


Some places does! I don’t think I finished those yet… Or maybe I just turn off brain and did it then stashed that piece of memory in the dark corners of my mind. RNG meat and mushrooms from somewhere I think.

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I see, I wasn’t aware of those, I’ve reached the desired thresholds for most of my adventure tomes (for now, will wanna eventually 100% them), so I guess I didn’t do those parts then.

Ya mushroom is rng from the ground… you need like 5 sweet mushroom but ull prob get 100-200 of the other kind before you get these 5 sweet ones…

Imported meat is una task ingredient chest… took me 40 days i think… big aaaaaaa

Feiton one i said fuck it and ill do it later, already sad thinking about it

yeah i guess i didnt interact with those parts cause i got my desired AT progress on most of my zones for now, other than South Vern.

But the “not asked or forced to” is very important to keep in mind too. Players give themselves higher expectation than they enjoy. Then feeling like the game or others are making them do something they don’t want. An outsider can easily say, don’t do it if you don’t want to… but to them, they have to. There’s no other option.

This even shows in fomo players. They don’t need to do stuff day 1, but they set their expectations very high. They then feel that the game or dev are forcing them to spend because that’s the only way they know to meet their goal. There are usually no deadline for these things. Especially horizontal content. And things with deadline like events are usually very casual friendly (one thing I like about this game). Rarely does players complain that they can’t complete it and usually complain that it’s too easy to complete.

I’m pretty ‘competitive, hardcore, semif2p.’ I just try to work with what I have. I’m not the first f2p to be Valtan ready and I’m (self-proclaimed) ocd enough to want to complete everything. I will eventually do it. But right now most of my adventure tome is about 80%. I don’t set expectation for myself where I have to finish it in one day or one week, etc. I will get to it when I have time.

I REALLY WANT CONVICTION RUNE TOO!! So I might take a bit more time to strive for that 70% this weekend (barely almost 50%). Or can I buy it from other player’s stronghold… no idea.

But I understand wanting something immediately too. That’s why greed is a sin and no one is free from it.


Well spoken, you certainly make good points and maybe I should just try to chip away at it slowly.

I just feel like this isn’t a place where a luck factor is really merited or needed and if you consider what someone’s attested experience on a reddit post was → see below link (https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/u8teb0/how_to_loot_fresh_oysters_in_bellion_ruins_south/)

Kimboy11: “Moving through 11 channels with 3 attempts per channel I get around 1 or 2. I would definitely say the chances are less than 10%. I’d say you get around 6~8 per hour. Would be worse if there is competition”

taking this into account and assuming you hit the high-end of 8-an-hour, it would still take you 4hrs of just doing this, and he was doing it very efficiently, and was apparently not seeing too much competition.

This is just too much for me to take in good stride when there’s already so many layers of luck throughout the game in general.

Hmm, my personal experience can’t compare. I only looted oysters a few times if I ended up around the area because of quest. I didn’t intentionally grind for it, but I still have about 6. I did finish all the ‘easier’ cooking though.
I usually leave the more tedious ones for when I’m in the mood or have time.

I think good way to describe my mindset is that I try to spend my time in a way where I won’t regret doing something. I set reasonable expectations for myself. So even if there was more horrible rng horizontal content, you still probably won’t see my complaining. I’ll get to it eventually as long as I’m still playing and enjoying myself.
For stuff like honing, I save enough for pity, so I always end with some success. For cooking and other stuff, I mindlessly spend time on it if I’m not doing anything better. If I don’t finish, that’s fine, I still (hopefully) made progress and can resume later.
Most of this is a mental thing you put up against yourself, and we can’t expect everyone to see it this way. But anyone who see some sense in this, might understand to try and not let obstacles frustrate or affect them as much.

That said, I plan to work towards conviction and judgment rune this weekend. I think it will do my lance master good.

Lucky. I’m still trying to get it and I’ve been doing that since I got to Yorn. I’m not at my computer at the moment, but I know for a fact I’m well over 40 days lol I think I just crossed into the 60s this week.

While I’m not against RNG systems to prolong the “adventure” a little bit and to keep a zone active, I fully believe it needs to be toned down a lot in some cases.

Also, to chime in here… it’s obvious that the developers didn’t even bother to research how to harvest oysters as it is literally one of the easiest things in the world to do, no experience needed. When I was a kid in Florida, living on the river, we could go down, knock some oysters off the dock and have a feast in minutes. In the oyster beds, people would use RAKES to gather oysters easily. So how is it so hard to pick up an oyster from a spawning spot? Apparently pretty hard according to the devs.

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The droprate for this is absolutely atrocious, 5% or less at least. Whoever thought these types of collection quests are a good idea at these specific droprates is absolutely nuts.

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Whoever came up with this idea and anyone who ok’d it should not be employed by a gaming company any longer. How is this enjoyable for anyone? It’s a complete time sink with no engaging gameplay, it’s 100% frustration.


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Gathering fresh oysters failed due to lack of experience.

In all seriousness, I still prefer South Vern oysters to Yorn mushrooms, but both extremely low RNG around the collections can go to hell.

The only thing worse than this is some island soul’s. Clearly this game was not made for completionists such as myself, because it’s near impossible.

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It was better to put a time gate for food stuff than just make it simply rng.
I have to play alts to have 1 hone per week on my main and still need to spend 6 hours trying to farm oyster, makes no sense.

I agree, i am firmly of the position if its not fun it shouldn’t be in a game and its clearly not fun.

Oysters are easy compared to mushrooms in Yorn.