P2 fail people deliberatly lock out others

Hi there, im a deathblade player at ilvl 1385 trying to do Argos phase 2 for two weeks now. I still can’t get over the fact that people don’t know what to do in the boss fight. Then they que up becouse they have the ilvl and you let them in hopeing it will go well. Yeah good joke. You ask, everything clear if not you explain everything? 1 guy says yea and no body comments after that.

You start the fight p1 goes well supriseingly. Then you get to the good part. Start the fight the first pizza kills 2 okay reset. People do the miniboss in the Sun party while the moon party bonks the goat. Laser and you ask for the mechanics. No body answers fine. You see the orbs you catch on Quick all clear. 2nd Laser no call out again now boy you are dead. This was just one of the tries of the 1.5 hours that I had the pleasure to waste.
People had enought we want to leave and then 4 useless you know fun to be around people goes for the rewards when we discussed to stop and not take the rewards. This is the 2nd week that happened to me. And you cant do anything about it. You cant even flame the prick’s who chose the reward becouse they might not even be on your server. Oh boy what a fun way to play the game.

Here is my tips, push yourself to 1390 and apply to party with 1390~, I spent 4 days in 1385 party, most of the time, 5-6 of them won’t even speak anything, one time I have to spot laser while in the Sun party without them (the Moon party) saying anything, no ping, no alarm, nothing, that’s is just me camping the top right while dps the dinosaur. Another tip is to find a guild, or a group of people who doing weekly, maybe they will need another person in their team?

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Thats a good idea. I will try to do that. I will go with the group becouse I have my own guild but its just lvl6 and I want to develop that. Well hopefully i’ll get to 1390 next week.

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I would really try to get into an active guild if I were you. My guild does multiple P3 runs per week, 4 to 6 most weeks, consisting of all guild members or their alts

I’m doing Argos p2 (or higher) on 3 characters each week and never had problems like yours.

I never had problems like yours maybe because i scrutinize most applicants (ilvl, roster lvl, engravings, stats).

Most of the time if you see someone with low roster and rainbow stats, you’re probably in for a ride.

Never happened to me on any of my 6 1370+ characters. Do you use matchmaking? If so then you’re at fault.

Use party finder and check people’s stats and engraving. You don’t need crazy stats but some people literally running negative dps stats and engravings. Also less proper engravings you have = more skill needed to fill in the gap. And usually players with skill would not skimp out on engraving and combat stats.

So it’s like a double negative people with bad engraving and stats are not the smartest or good skilled players on average.

lol 6 1370s. What are you on about,

I’m a semi whale.

I’m some dude on an amazon game forum

you should start looking for active guild that have same ilvl as you asap in upcoming valtan it will require even more cordination so it’s a good idea to play with someone who is willing to win and have the same goal/mindset as you

You’re grouping with some real low effort slackers if it is getting to a 2nd laser.

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or just lurk into lobby that is doing alt run lol it will be an ease

Holy, reading these I’m starting to realize how bad I’ve been queuing up for it. Well, I don’t use matchmaking. I’m rooster LVL 97 at this point. I think I will try to get into a more active guild then. I think if I read more of your storied guys I’m going to cry laughing because I’m starting to realize that things like 2nd laser call out not normal… Well, thanks for the advice I have 5 days to do something about it. I will change up some things.

have a good evening gents.