P2W incoming! BC for pet changes


i dont think thats intended.


Did that make it into the game currently? If it did it just another oversight with the spaghetti code between versions. RU and KR are like this.

thats definitely not intended
thats a fuck up 100%

Always has been that way in Korea. They had a different system for us

This is not intended and blue crystals will be refunded.


Why is it p2w if you can buy it with gold? You can already buy gold in the game

Another gold sink. Good change. Please leave it like this.

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its not a gold sink, you buy bluecrystals with gold… people can buying with real money crystals… so its not sinking it just wandering and risining the BC price

yes, it’s 100% intended, u mad?

Good point. Please change this from blue crystals to gold.

Maybe like 1k gold to change the pet stat and it’s rng so you don’t know if you get the right one.

Definitely need more gold sinks.

It doesn’t actually charge you anything. Your Crystal balance remains as-is when changing Pet Effects.

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