P2W legendary card selection packs?

There are legendary card selection packs that u can bid on after challenge abyss raids. How are f2p gonna compete with whales to finish LOS 30 awakening for massive damage boost?


Wait like who?

Til lost ark 2? lmao

Like me and everyobe esle that doesnt cry about a lil card pack that has zinnervale in it


Selection pack means u can select any card bruh. Who gives a fk about zinnervale?

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The legendary card pack can actually drop?

Get swiping.

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You know zeals just got his max los set last month or something and he is playing since when? What is the freaking rush


True and real

Oh sorry missed that part but whi gives a fuck about someone doing 15% more dmg than me

i talked yesterday at with over 15 people in my guild who did the challange dungeons , and not even one person had a that card pack drop …

also who has to compete with what ? massiv dmg increase ?

where you have to compete with in which way ?

you can do every raid and dungeon without that cards or dont you ?
also the only really hard thing now is Valtan hellmode, and there you cant use your own card deck… in pvp you dont use that card sets you talking about

so whats the point of getting that cards at all, also im free to play never bought Gold in any way , and still have alot of gold… so its not pay to win … everyone can spent several thousand gold on that Packs… you can create enough money every week , so be the one winning that cardset

those dont have legendary card selection…

it’s just the card pack logo that looks “legendary”

Poor people problems, nobody cares.

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If theres a whale you bid them up because they will pay for it. Its also a random drop so it works like any other bid in the game.

When grudge drops do you cry when someone outbids you? If you find it valuable then save gold for next week incase it drops.

I got mine for 700 gold yesterday. Would have preferred if a whale would get it for 5k+ xD

Yeah, i bid one up in my run it was ez gold. If you see them with whale level glow you just bid war till they pay over what youre willing to lose if they stop.


Yup. My first run on the Abyss dg Trial had the bid for legendary pack & legendary selection pack which I couldn’t get but I did leave with +5000 gold. Ez game ez life.

Shouldn’t you also then be complaining about the maps, the engravings, the materials and everything? The whole point is that you get pure gold divided fairly and equally to the group if you don’t have or want to spend it on these things

They aren’t it’s a p2w game after all. (PS Oh sorry pay2progress for copium bois)