Pacing of Roadmap

I want to start off that I’m fine with the road map. It didn’t disappoint the low expectations I set for it. But it also didn’t exceed what I hoped for. I will try to find stuff to keep myself busy in the game until core content such as Legion Raids come out.

Player disappointment with class release is to be expected if all the missing classes didn’t come out all at once, so I don’t have much to add to this one. Others are already full of various opinions. Though I do hope that skins also start to roll out faster.

The Roadmap mentioned:
" We’re going to keep the near future focused on horizontal content and giving players clear paths for progression without feeling like they need to pay. We want to give more players time to reach the end-game before introducing Legion Raids (the definitive Lost Ark raiding experience), and ensure players are able to explore Arkesia and progress at their own pace without feeling pressured to race toward end-game content."

Regardless of intentions, it’s good that they want proper pacing so that players don’t feel rushed but overdoing it can result in the lack of content. Lack of content for a new release, resulting from AGS/SG’s decision to delay content that is ready to release, is probably not optimal.

I know CMs are working hard to moderate and take feedback from the forum and other sources then relaying it to the team as best they could, but I’m personally curious on what players think about the current pace. Because this first roadmap can define our pacing going forward and the time it may take to catch up to Korea’s version.

This is probably a large ask…
Even if it’s probably too late to make any difference, is it possible to create a poll or something similar so that we can at least see the statistic value of what players on the forum think on the general pacing of the roadmap?

Is it just right? Too slow? Too fast?