Paid Good REAL Money for Aura

and now it doesn’t work…and hasn’t worked for hours…what you playing at AGS?

Aura is $10, stop complaining about tiny things when there are many other issues going on they will get to it.

You want them to refund you for how many hours it hasn’t worked for? That’d be less than $0.10, if they did that for the entire region it’d cost more to action those transactions than the amount the players would receive…I’d rather them spend their time and money on something better like resolving the servers

Does not matter if it’s 1 usd or 1 mill usd, a company needs to be responsible for their product. Stop defending this kind of corporate behaviour.

This is how capitalism works, you make a product people want then maximize profits from it. The more you can get away with and still maximize profits the more of it you are going todo which in turns means a lesser product for you the customer.

I’m m all for capitalism because it also gives me the right to take action if the product is not up to par with its description of said product. So he is in his fully right to call them out on this.


They’re working on a solution.

For Crystalline Aura specifically, we know that this is a paid premium account benefit that has a timer associated with it. We are actively investigating this issue.

Source: Update on Current Top Issues

You can read it at the end of saction Missing Premium Content and Store

Does not matter if it’s 1 usd or 1 mill usd, a company needs to be responsible for their product. Stop defending this kind of corporate behaviour.

Amazon / Smilegate are offering a product and in my eyes the most important thing a Timebased prodct, where the usable time is one of the key selling points.
For some of us 0.10€ might be unimportant, but as you might have read the rates are the same for many countrys, where it might be alot more value than you can think of.
And despite the value it is not an acceptable business behaviour to deliver less than advertised.

We are not taling about free services that are not provided, in this regard i am totally on AGS side and would defend that there is no guarantee to get something ist just an offer.

You wouldn’t defend a washing machine producer if the machine in question would work only 90% of the time.

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I can guarantee you they’re going to extend your aura for free due to the server issues. I think it will come alongside the new EU region.

I’m not opposed to him calling them out, I’m asking him for a reasonable solution and to specify what he wants them to do. If you’re at a restaurant and the building blows up are you really going to complain on Facebook because you didn’t eat all your pickles? No, you specify that you are unhappy about X, I would be happy with Y solution and appreciate that Y solution will not be taken until the building stops being on fire.

please stop whining … holy sh**

“good money” … 10€ xdd

It’s a F2P game, so it attracts a lot of people from European countries where €10 genuinely is a lot of money. We don’t have regional pricing.

Of course not, but if the restaurant owner blows up the building himself and trying to sell me another pickle it sounds very different.
My soloution is simple i will not throw money at him again. Thats a pretty universal language
But in support of OP i think he is entitled to ask for a compensation.

Of and if we talk about this analogy we are not on facebook complaining to strangers but in the
suggestion box of the restaurant :slight_smile:

I’m completely unopposed to OP asking for compensation, what I’m opposed to is he’s not asking. He’s demanding a solution now when they’ve said they’re working on it and any compensation now of additional crystalline aura days would be wasted since a lot of people cannot even use the aura?

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Point to you, nothing to add.

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How middle class/rich of you but $10 is a dam lot of money depending on where you live

If $10 is so much money for you to the point you complain about a few hours of losing that 30 day subscription then you are not prioritizing the right things in your life. I am not here to judge, but maybe a F2P Korean MMO isn’t the right wheel house for them.

A product sold that don’t work/disappears, regardless of how much time is remaining is eligible for a FULL refund in the UK and EU the US is a little backwards still when it comes to consumers rights

There’s a difference between products and digital products. It also depends on how OP obtained the aura, if OP is using the DLC crystalline aura then this is non-refundable, if OP bought the aura with real money then he can ask for a refund but most likely he would lose access to the aura which I don’t think this is what he is looking for?

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Bottom line is people paid for something they cannot use and it sucks.