Paid powerpasses still broken even after update

Can’t use a VERN powerpass on a newly created char, I keep getting this error

Hey there @JackSlugger!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I’ll relay this to the team so they can look into this.

I’ll come back with an update/workaround as soon as I get any. Thanks for the patience.

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I dont want to open another thread, but same problem here, with many characters that were made before the update. In my case i tried punika with 4 diferent characters with diferrent ilvl, and always the same error (the same as the photo).

Same issue here. So far I feel like I wasted $50 I can’t use in this game =/. I see why now they make sure your aware its not refundable…

and the best part is, no refund. because theres no “proof” we put crystals to buy it, nor compensation for that said fact, because no transaction happened. so i wasted money just to wait more time for the eventual fix.

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It used your crystals when you bought it? I think it didnt spend any at all for me. but i will check again

It didnt. The thing is, i bought the crystals, to use on the character for the new events…

Same problem here.

I managed to buy the Power Pass with a character going from venn to punika and from Feiton to punika.
however when I went to get the power pass of a character that was only missing punika I got the same error.

I am brand new to the game and its never worked for me. If I have to complete the story 1 time first then it makes sense but from what people told me it should have just worked.

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We apologize for any inconvenience you are having with the paid power pass , right now we are aware of this and we are working on a solution.
In the meantime please try restarting the client and verifying game files for now while we wait for an official response of our team who’s investigating this issue.

Please refer to this Official News Category for any updates soon on this topic.

Thank you for the reports and all the patience while we work on this, as soon as i have more updates i will be here to let everybody know.

Have an excellent day.

Hi @eulah ,

i did several things to perhaps find a solution for this (always north vern powerpass):

  • tried to buy a pass on a existing character
  • tried to buy a pass on a fresh created char
  • swap region to EUW and back to EUC
  • restarted the client
  • restarted the steam and then the client
  • verified lost ark via steam
  • logged in and out of the chars and then tried to buy the pass

Nothing worked.

Hey folks, here’s an update regarding powerpasses

Let us know if this solved it for you!

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It worked now, thanks!