Paid region transfers

Yes I do play on nearly dead eu west. No I wasnt aware of the whole region fiasco, as I started few weeks after the launch.

At this point I would pay lets say a 100 euros or whatever for a manual transfer of my account from eu west to eu central.

Every day i feel like its harder to find people to play with and whats the point of swiping on a dead region?

Does AGS consider selling paid manula transfers? Money is always a winning argument, so maybe this would be a solution for many of us.

Thank you.


They create the problem… they fixed it and for free… no need to give them ideas like that.


I am no tech guy but they told that merging 2 regions is impossible because they are located in 2 different parts of Europe. So basically big F to all EUW players from me. I hope, from bottom of my heart I want every EUW to get a special boost/help only for them if they wanna start over from dead region

There are lots of posts on this. Unfortunately no it’s not possible to do this at the moment. Is it technically possible ? Yes…but SG are not in a position to spend time and money on it right now. They have mentioned server mergers but really I cannot see how this will help anyone at this stage…only perhaps with field bosses…and local server events.

should be free
its AGS fault for creating a ded server and no maintaining it

Also Why you split up EU into 2 regions anyway
NA huge country I expect no less
About 1/6th of EU can fit in just Texas…

what you were told is balloony. If they wanted they could connect both regions with no problems. Its up to SG to do some coding and ags some server connections. Simple stuff but its up to some people to want to do that.

Are you gonna pay for their mistakes dude? No way… This is on them, they should own it

Just create a new account on EUC and spend that money for a power pass and other things. Forget about EUW character transfer.
I started on EUC and I thought because I’m from UK, EUW will be better. 2 months ago I realized what you mention and I came back. It will be 3 months now. I’ve found a good guild, really nice ppl here to play with.

They already said, there wont be transfers in any way for Characters, neither Region or Server related.

The only thing they said was, that there will be a Server merge, but not Region, because the Tech for that is missing.

Please stop…it is NOT that easy as you might think. They have to deal with tons of Data and its not just copy paste to merge Regions successfully. It is a lot of work with a lot of responsibility where literally everything can go wrong. Stop making it look so “simple” when its not.

bruh post

Korea has only one region so they never needed to actually develop a system that makes Region transfers possible. That said, they absolutely don’t give a flying fk about our version of the game, and we are only ones that have different regions, it’s safe to say that it will never happen.

What their devs are doing at the moment is re-making the game in UE5, they have been doing that for some time now, they hired people for it for a long time now. For that reason I don’t think they will be developing new systems in the UE3, but there might be a possibility of them working on region transfers once the UE5 version is finished.