Pala-Holysword any advice?

Hey guys,
anybody got an advice for me with aiming Holysword in PvP?
It misses sooo freakin often although the cursor is right on enemies char when casting.
I have a lot of pvp xp in other mmos but im new to LA pvp and this seems weird :frowning:

you never use this skill unless someone is cced.
you have 4 different skills that transition into it so there is no reason to ever yolo it, every time you use it, it lands unless there is outside intervetion.


Assuming serious question so here is a serious answer.

Learn the Tier 1,2, and 3 super armors…learn your CC moves and what can prevent those moves from the CC working. Make sure to start paying attention to when people use their roll (the fast get up).

Holy Sword is a LOT of the damage you output so trying to land it regularly when you use it is crucial to being helpful on the DPS side for your team. Truly it can be the difference between you doing 300k to 400k damage in a game or only doing 150-200k. So you really want to make sure you have an opponent caught in a CC when you use it.

Here is a video maybe it helps: Lost Ark - PALADIN PvP Role Breakdown ll Know Your Role - YouTube


First of all thank you for your serious answer.
I already noticed using holy sword only on cc. But somehow when enemies where close and my cursor was pointin right at the char it misses 95% … so id tried to change yesterday. Well for me it works when enemies are close and ofc cced to point behind the enemies char and then using the skill. Doing it this way it always hit. But true Drethoz im gettin used to right timing and using skills and combos but def next thing to do is learning the super armors…

anyways thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

You don’t have to land holy sword to win thats the fun part! Literally just put up your awakening in the middle of the fight, face tank every ability and win the brawl because your hp > their hp! Pallies deserve to be nerfed to the ground and the fact the longer they go without hard nerfs the more proof smilegate doesn’t care about pvp at all

Be carefull with knockups. There are verticals in this game afaik with blade i have a huge knock up ability that makes me don’t do damage till the enemy falls a little bit.

Every knock up makes it hard to hit properly but you kinda get used to the timing

mate use it only on CCed/staggered enemies.

It lands everytime

Pretty much a holy swrod 101 there.

Just one more note:
Sometime beginners are too eager to follow teammate, and didn’t wait opponent to drop from air, resulting in an over-shoot passing through enemy.

This advice clearly shows your inability to grasp the finer points of PvP and is not useful or respectful of the poster.

well i learned to ignore some ppl when posting something online … thats the way it is everybody can show their small mindset XD but im thankful Drethoz for ur advice :slight_smile: