Paladin (1415 gearing acc/stone advice/path)?

So for acc/stones what should i be aiming for for support palaidn to have easier time to 1445+ ?

Blessed Aura, Expert, Awakening

Rest is a matter of preference. You’ll operate well enough with those three. Getting 4x3 is also cheap, I’d suggest Drops of Ether, personally. You can also go with Vital Point Hit, Heavy Armor, Explosive Expert, Magick Stream…

Swiftness is the main spec, specialization as secondary.

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full swiftness accs, awakening, blessed aura and maybe expert, and thats it. you can even go full legendary accs until brelshaza.

ive seen paladins in 1490-1500 brelzhasa raid with just those 3 engravings getting accepted left and right.

as a support main that makes me cringe but it is what it is.

NOW, if what you want is to actually be a good support:
blessed, awakening, expert, VPH as your core. if in a budget, completely ignore the spec stat number and go for a neck as close to 500 swiftness as possible. unlike bards, we dont scale THAT well with the spec from the neck.

the last one can be heavy armor (you become unkillable) or magic stream (NOTE: MS is broken like crazy but i dont advice it unless you learn the fights and like being a paladin. upkeep can be tricky and once you fix your upkeep you will most likely need conviction and judgement due to how mana starved you become)

DO NOT FALL FOR THE TRAP THAT IS DROPS OF ETHER, most dps andy’s and pugs dont go for the orbs. the only time where drops is worth it is with a good static.

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My dudes get 15% crit and 10% attack on the regular. Heck of a trap.