Paladin alt running out of mana constantly

I’ve used the 1445 express on a paladin and he is fully built now, 4x3 with 1500 swiftness.

Been noticing that he tends to run out of mana fairly often, how do you guys deal with it? Do you
-Spam less blue skills?
-use Conviction/judgement?
-Run some mana engraving?
-Focus runes?

Advice is appreciated

personally i would say you kinda suggested everything lol i’m not a pally main but i have seen and got advice from others to kinda do 1 or 2 of the ones you listing mostly less blue and conv judge is important

never happened to me lol.

Do u spam your shields on cooldown or what lol

Conviction/Judgement helped my bard.

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I ran out of mana on sorc, bard, sharpshooter. So vonviction/judgement helps. Even DB.

I can see where i’d use those runes on my bard, whover i’m having a hard time thinking of two skills with multiple instances of damage on my pally :thinking:

For reference i’m running these skills from maxroll:


As Pala Main with several Pala Alts I would suggest spamming less blue skills. Uses are limited anyway, and you should always have a counter skill ready anyway.

I dont use Judge/Conviction with full Swift and level 7/8 CD reduction gems. Never ever had mana issues in a Legion raid. Only in some Guardian Raids, where I don’t need to counter and want to add some stagger while spaming blue skills, it can happen.


I guess thats probably the reason then yeah

my 4th engraving was vital point and i had this mindset of making use of the extra stagger by spamming skills, but it ain’t working very well due to mana :^)

Gonna start saving them for better use

C-J runes would be the easiest solution, run them on Light Shock and Godsent Law.

Although personally I’ve never had mana issues. My most used build only have 1 blue skill, which I hold for counter or stagger. I have lvl 7 cd gems on all main yellow skills and can spam them just fine. I’ve started running Magic Stream engraving a while ago and I don’t even watch my mana any more.

Will try that setup later

Mind sharing your skills?

Caught.In.4k Use Conviction on Sword of Justice and Judgement on Godsent Law. Also use FOCUS rune on Holy protection. Thats all.
Respect your CD of Wrath of God and Heavenly Blessing, remeber this 2 dont stack.

also what blue skill? I only use Holy Sword and Charge

(I’m also using magick stream)

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Don’t spam blue skills. Only use them to counter and stagger/destruction.
Focus rune on holy protection.
These two are more than enough to save you.

Conviction/judgement kinda force you to waste godsent law.

My setup is
Light of judgement
Executor sword
Holy sword
Light shock
Godsent law
Holy protection
Wrath of god
Holy blessing

As long as you’re not spamming blue skills, or use godsent law on every cd, you’re fine.
Rotate WOG and HB according to uptime.
You can spam the rest of the skills.

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This is what I use for most things. Wealth runes on Wrath of God, Heavenly Blessing and Light of Judgment. Quick Recharge on Light Shock. You can run another Wealth rune on Holy Area if you have it but personally I opted for Galewind because there’s a bit of cast delay.

Running MS engraving also makes paladin a bit more interactive play. I have to be familiar with attacks patterns to know when I should doge while still keep an eye on team mates that need saving. It’s quite nice having both Godsent Law and Holy Area that give damage reduction.


As a main pally, I can say that I run out of mana when I spam all my skills off cd immediately lol I use a focus rune on holy protection tho, it helps saving some mana!

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Food buffs can help your mana regenerate faster.

As others have said, put legendary/epic focus rune on holy protection. Support paladins do no dmg anyways so only use executor’s sword/holy sword for counters/stagger check and you’ll have no mana issues. From time to time, if I feel like it, I’ll throw in holy sword for that juicy support dmg >:D.

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I play a lot my pally alt and i only run out of mana when i spam holy sword and executor sword for no reason. Dont try to squeeze in dmg u will run out of mana, focus only on counters. Also ur last tripod on heavenly blessing gives mana regen for a few seconds. I dont run judgement conviction.

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So… I checked out what maxroll has on paladin builds

I cannot believe they managed to give a build, and then SIX other alternative builds and somehow all of them are trash. It’s mind boggling how these people are advertising themselves as “high quality” information source and they write this kind of rubbish.

There’s ppl in this thread that listed a build that has 1 counter and everything else is yellow meter gen skills. That is the proper builds. Everything listed on maxtroll is a trap. If you use the builds the people here use, it is possible to generate meter fast enough to match almost every igniter rotation from sorcs. You will NEVER do such a thing with the maxroll build.

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Mind sharing your build? cause i’m using maxroll yes.

I did spam blue skills less and it solved my mana issues