Paladin alt running out of mana constantly

its in the post layn earlier posted, would recommend, charge is a trap and you dont really need both holy sword and executioner sword unless you really really need the stagger or handling all counters at valtan ghost phase solo.

I dont actually main this class so its probably better to get the build planner from pally mains.

I have quite a few mana issue. without magick stream or future bracelet you’ll always have mana issue.

  1. sword of justice + godsent law for conviction - judgment is good, try to do it whenever you realise you’re getting low or before awakening
  2. level 5 tripod on heavenly blessing is very helpful too to increase mana regen
  3. rotate attack buff using wrath of god before heavenly blessing. This provides longer buff uptime and allows your mana to regen when heavenly blessing is used.
  4. the rest is on using skills only when necessary.

The reason i use executioner instead of holy sword is it has weaken which is for valtan (yea too lazy to change skills every raid). Although it has lower stagger than holy sword.

Pally have very low ceiling so builds won’t make or break you(outside of the core skills) lmao. It’s mostly just preference and situational stuff.

Low ceiling just means it doesn’t take much investment for paladin to be functionally useful. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to optimise. The difference between a paladin build that’s half assed or barely any investment vs a well build optimised one is noticeable in battle (for the more aware dps players).

Maxroll guides are good reference points for beginner builds but once you start to minmax your class, most of them are pretty trash or don’t go into enough detail. The maxroll cookie cutter paladin build doesn’t generate meter fast enough vs a 6-7 yellow skill build.

Not that noticeable other than doing your rotation correctly or not(good uptime on dmg buffs). Even the good KR players will tell you there’s not much difference between their build and max roll only preference.
The only 2 things I care about are the damage buffs and the heal/shield. Everything else is whatever I’ve done clown with no support so I can do without the extra fluff. The yearning buff does half your job for you anyways

It also depends on the skill of the dps players. The better the dps player, the less noticeable the difference will be and vice versa.

I’ve had runs with amazing dps players who knew to dodge major hits and my shield alone was enough to top up their hp from chip damage. It made me feel that my presence was pretty insignificant outside of being a buffing machine.

On the other hand, I’ve had runs with horrible dps players who was eating every hit, forcing me to use HA for healing and ult for shield rather than their intended buffing/meter gain purposes. If my build was barely up to scratch, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up.

A good build also makes it easier to prog new content, where a lot of people prefer bards over paladins because of the burst heal.

There’s no debate that paladin is one of the most chill classes in the game to play and indeed have a low ceiling to build. But it’s not an excuse to not want to improve your build for a smoother experience both for yourself and your party.

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That’s the problem you “think” your build is better. All the top KR players(not streamers) run 2-3 blue skills depending on the situation and their build is pretty much the same as his outside of the higher skill points on some skills.

His biggest problem is he was messing up his rotation and what do you know he fixed it and no more mana issues.

Also there’s nothing worse than a paladin with no counter skills especially in clown.

Had a run where clown was facing the pally for more than half of the counters and dude could not counter. A failed counter is a net dps loss.

I don’t know what koreans youre talking about but the hell discord has some of the best korean supports and not a single one of them says to take that many blue skills for normal content unless youre bussing.

look at the top 100 pally on loawa plus you don’t even have a counter so idk what you’re learning from them.

loawa only shows the people that swipe you can see mokoko icons next some of these ppls names… youre basically copying builds from people that played the game less than you

And since when was holy sword not a counter?!?

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idk what the mokoko icon even means on the website since it’s not the same as the game and I can’t read korean. But you can still scroll down and look at the lower ranked and no1 runs with less than 2 blue skills.

And my bad you’re missing executioners not counter kinda tired.

And the only difference between your build and his is 2 damage skills for gaining gage which at the end of the day is preference and doesn’t change what buff/shield you give.

So no it wouldn’t really change your output if any at all. in fact the build he has more stagger so its better for current content.

From what i understand it shows highest geared players no?
Surely could be a clueless fella with a lot of disposable income but still

They are newly opened accounts. You copied builds from people that played less than you.

Execution sword is not a high stagger skill. Other than holy sword / punishment, everything else in the paladins kit does little stagger. The people you see on this loawa website that runs charge and an extra counter skill are playing the game with 2 missing skills on their action bar.

Thats not a preference. That is just a worse version. A preference would be something like swapping out holy sword for execution sword for faster counter. Aka, a sidegrade. The skills these people are dropping for this are 2 of the highest meter gen skills in the paladin kit. You say it doesnt matter too much but one of these builds are generating meter almost twice as fast as the other.

Now you made me want to start a paladin. Mind sharing what the highest meter gen skillset would be? Thanks.

It should look something like the planner I pasted sometime earlier in this thread. But if you want to make your own build, this is something that hellmode theorycrafters came up with for meter gen tier list.


The “12X”, “13X”, etc are tripod choices (the number or the X is just based on the tripod poistion on the tree as you go down), some skills change meter generation based on what tripod you pick.


Thank you.

I’ll need to jump in to defend maxroll here a bit, bc while their builds are not ideal to end game content, they do what they’re proposing to do: get the player used to the class. Yes, charge is not necessary, but damn, it has saved me a lot and made me feel comfortable enough in legions to the point that I switched it out for a meter generation one. Players should seek a better build once they feel secure enough to do so, but everything in this game is so situational if you play with randoms… I could never dream of running Valtan with less than 2 counters bc I know majority will simply expect me to counter every single ghost and Valtan itself just bc I’m a pala lol


The way i see it is that it tells you which general dirction to take, while many people would go the completely opposite direction if not under any guidance xD

Thats already very useful in itself.

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