Paladin - atk power 100% uptime claim

Character named Shizniz, server name unknown, scrapper 1385 - claimed Paladin should have atk power buff up 100% of time.

Claimed no point using macro alerting party buff was up b/c should be up 100% entire time.

So ok, only 1385 pally alt, but as fact -

  • only 2 skills can have atk power buff tripod, Wrath of God (27 sec base cooldown) and Heavenly Blessing (36 sec base cooldown)

  • both skills have no other cooldown tripod, so modifiers to base can only come from swift stat, cooldown gems, and while not on meta builds I’ve seen, conviction / judgement runes if used

This person adamataly claimed atk power buff should be up 100%. No reply to my facts of 8 sec duration, 27 sec and 36 sec cooldowns.

Even with swift past 1500+, that gives not much more than ~30% cooldown. Even assuming alt pally ran level 7 cooldown gem that is only 14% more

Shortest cooldown of 2 skills is 27 sec, even rounding up to giant 50% cooldown, that is still 8 sec duration with cooldown 27 x 0.50 = 13.5 sec. Downtime of at least 5.5 sec between casts.

5.5 sec out of 13.5 sec is about 40% downtime. So on off chance Shizniz is on forums, please explain how you magically reduce this downtime to 0%, with uptime 100%, when even 50% cooldown still leaves 40% downtime?

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at 1385 no but with relic domination 2 piece + quick recharge spam I’ve never noticed myself not having it up. You rn purple quick recharge on light shock, blue qr on charge and spam them as much as possible after you use your buffs (since the cd shaving based on remaining cd)>

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Idiocy and ignorance and many more, very common in MMOs since most of them talk out of their ass

I forgot the source but for 100% uptime, it was something like :
1500 swift + lvl 10 cooldown gems
1800 swift + lvl 7 cooldown gems

Also you can weave judgement/conviction in.
Don’t trust me, I have poor memory. Try different setup in training.

1467 PLD here and you actualy made me think to swap bleed to QR from light shock :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: went to check and with 2 piece Dominion and 900 swift with lvl 7 cd gems those runes work atleast at training room i pretty much can keep it up 100% ( tried with lower swift since im running spec>swift build my self)

Ok well I was already assuming a max level 10 gem. This isn’t realistic to expect mot paladins to have, especially at 1385, but to be super conservative that is what my math was based on.

Swift 1500, which is possible for 1385 pally but needs about 85% or higher quality on every accessory but ok fine = ~30% cooldown

Level 10 cooldown = 20%

The math I used was this combine whopping 50% cooldown using 1500 swift and level 10 gem.

To clarify - the claim wasn’t is 100% uptime possible for a supremely talented, exceptional whale pally with level 10 gems, but claim that a 1385 pally, my alt, should easily have 100% uptime

So to be fair and super conservative, I raised the bar to 1500 swift, which is more than my avg quality pally has but ok fine - plus level 10 max gems which seems to me not reasonable to expect 1385 main or alt pally to have, but ok again for pure theory I used those assumptions

50% approx cooldown using max quality gear a 1385 pally can have + level 10 whale gems for both wrath and heavenly blessing

That gives total skill duration 16 sec if you chain both skills in between each other, with total cooldown 5.5 plus 18 sec.

It is true on first ration, can cast wrath 8 sec duration, folllowed by HB - during the 8sec of HB, my wrath will now be available bc only need 5.5 sec of that 8 sec second skill cast.

But now the rotation goes into downtime, because eve with 50% cooldown, my HB has 18 sec of downtime (base 36 sec cooldown). During that 18 sec period, 8 sec SH buff from other skill, wrath, up.

But when wrath goes down, I’m waiting minimum 4.5 sec for HB to be available again. So every rotation between the two skills, there is minimum 4.5 sec gap

I’m open to seeing if conviction / judgement weaving can allow some double casts with no downtime, it 2 problems - first, meta builds don’t use support pally with conviction + judgement. So losing other meta runes,

And second, I don’t see how you’d chain C + V between every downtime because first I’d need to perfectly hit C+v with other skills, and those other skills have cooldowns as well.

My reply to the guy making this claim still seems solid - how is a pally supposed to as norm have 100% uptime when even the possibility of an exceptional whale pally requires level 10 gems + almost perfect quality jewelry and still have in theory 4.5 sec downtime?

A lot of people lack basic understandings on supports in this game, in my lower tier my bard used to get yelled at “Why aren’t you healing, bard!” when I need time to generate my bar.

1 bar heals are more than enough.

awakening gives 1 bar

1 bar is generates insanely fast even on alts with mediocre gear

Thanks for the Quick Recharge tips. Also one thing you can do for even more CDR is using the “Magick Stream” engraving it also helps with mana issues.

1300+ swift, magick stream and relic set will more than have it up 100% of the time. That said most paladins arent even using magick stream and the SHOULD BE.

Weve still got paladins using charge and light shock instead of swords of justice and light of justice so…

I know, but lower tier=low stats, so my bard had shitty regenaration+ people eat every attack. Some people actually thought I had unlimited heals and I was just being bad not using it.

Lower tier bards with lower tier stats and possible less runes. I saw it myself at the T1 and T2 levels on my bard main bout 'bad healing". When you dont have access to the upper tier wealth runes, all of the sernade meter tripods and the tripod + skills, it can take a bit to generate a single bubble.

Didn’t read the topic, but I’m a paladin main and it’s very possible.

With 1670 swiftness and just lvl5 cooldown gems, I’ve got ~16.5s cooldown on wrath of god and heavenly blessings are ~21.5s.

That’s without conviction/judgement, magick stream or quick recharge procs.

Why don’t I upgrade cooldown gems you might ask? Well, with 2 piece dominion fang you don’t even need any gems because the cooldown reduction is too big already and you can keep up the buffs permanently with ease.

I’ll get like lvl8 heavenly blessings gem when I get 6x Yearning, which should be after like 4 weeks of Vykas HM full clears.

Swiftness is ridiculously important on a Paladin, after 3 mandatory engravings, you’re better off having 100 extra swiftness than some garbage like VHP or drops of ether.

100% uptime is a thing the Pali in my static has it.
It’s a mix of lvl8+ cd gem and 1700+ swiftness.
Also proper rune usage.

1700+ swiftness

It’s very unlikely he has 1700, pretty much impossible.
I’m at 1672 and the absolute max you can get is ~1710 with 100 quality on all accessories.
Assuming you obtained all the swiftness potions from horizontal stuff and have high roster level.

And getting 100 quality accessories with good engravings is kind of impossible unless he’s running 3x3 setup or something.

Also proper rune usage.

Doesn’t even need the rune, just 2x Dominion. That’s what every paladin has now until we get 6x Yearning.

Thanks for the info I know he has 100% uptime but I’m no pali tho he is pretty juiced with relic+quality