Paladin Dps discussion

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i think i tagged most… our previous thread was hit by error/bug


Thanks, now if only we can be hidden again lol

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lol, dun wanna bother roxx, just ignore baiters

just downed valtan h and aiming for the sets u mentioned, earth entrophy and nightmare, they are the best :+1:, right now i only have the head part, need 2 more weeks for weapon, u only get 17(if u bid the bone) i was given at cost of 600g for being raid leader by my friend xD

Nice, I just finished normal mode and was given box and the honing book. Maybe in two weeks I will finally hit 1445.

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getting 3/3/3/3/3 is tough tho as u need either 9/7 stone or 2x golden book with 7/6 stone, but as we expected, kbw/grudge/judgment/adrenaline/ambush master is best, with 7/6 stone going for 3 kbw, 3 grudge, 3 judgment, 3 ambush master, 2 adrenaline is good, adrenaline 2x only because relic gives extra crit and entrophy x4 set will give passive crit

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did u pug ur normal? : D

I typically always lasted until enrage. Just was a matter of attempts until enough people survived.

I am running a budget build until prices drop a bit.


precise… did u run high swiftness with that engravings? :v

Yeah, all swiftness

ye ik now why they are cheap :ok_hand:, my 3/3/3/3/2 build costed me 30k-40k before pheons xD

Yeah I spent 5k gold, but so many pheons on stones lol

trying to get 9/7 is hellish… :pensive: idk how the stigs got it, prob bought 50 stones and do it in 1 go

Before the old topic vanished, I did post some comparisons for engravings for new legendary armor for 1415 people like me. I will probably repost everything again tomorrow.

yes plz :clap:

curious as well as i skip it and straight to 1450

I tot we got sent to the shadow realm.

I got a precise/raid stone in chaos dungeon and since it’s so cheap I cut it for fun. Turned out to be 7+6.

I’m out of pheons and low on gold, but when I recover I’ll do a fun solo build.

Something like 500crit/1600 swiftness with precise/raid/adrenaline/mass/judgement. Not gonna be DPS in raids, so it’s like whatever. Will have max movespeed for raid captain with 2 piece yearning set.

Was wondering what happened to the thread.

Yeah, 5x3 will be a long way out for me. The only way i know how to get it is:


From gold books

5 perfect accessories, 5/3 all

1 complete engraving from 3x5
2 complete from 2 of the 3s matching what is equipped.

6/5 stone completes the other 2 the 5 going with the 2 plus 5s left over and the 6 goes with the other 3 3s.

When i check the market i find no useable accessories yet so its going to be awhile. I did upgrade to a relic rock to run ambush master. The only cheap book is judgment, maybe i should buy 20 before that changes.

Got my Valtan normal clear with pugs on Sunday, it was hard to find a group that let me in but once i got in we cleared after a few hours. I MVP’d gate 1 even though back attacks are hard to land on those wolves. Both parties were 8/8 DPS.

Spent a ton of hoarded cash on upgrades, most of my Gems are now l7 and man does flash thrust start hitting hard, around a million now not bad for a filler. The most expensive part was failing at some plus 4 tripod attempts and getting at least full plus 3s on damage tripods.

Im running 4x3 Judgement/Ambush Master/Adtenaline/Raid Captain.

I am not running TTM’s build as i have Execution of Justice instead of Dash Slash.

Running Flash Slash with Changed Swordcraft but I think i figured out why Swift Swordcraft was top damage in his tests. I only tested them against each other at lower dissimilar tripod levels and looking at them closer now Swift Swordcraft will scale better with increased tripod levels so L5 vs L5 it likely comes out on top. I may try to hit the MB again and switch to Swift Swordcraft.

The increased tripod levels of Changed Swordcraft dont affect the overall damage increase of 60%, just the juiced up final hit.

Swift Swordcraft though each level adds to the overall damage boost.

You can get 5x3 with a 7/7 stone and 1 Legendary, 1 Purple book. I’d assume Judgement engraving is relly cheap to get in legendary quality, although I haven’t checked myself. But that’s another option.