Paladin dps / Retribution paladin discussion (Roxx if u can delete this post, would be good)

stop toxicity towards us :ok_hand: thank you and enjoy the game together :grin:


Ret paladins aren’t toping dps charts in wow either man lol. Go pvp if you want to dps. There isn’t any dps charts in this game either. Does it really matter? It’s a little odd to ask an mmorpg with a class that they designed that has been out in other regions for awhile now to make changes based on your opinion of how a class should perform…


ret paladin in WoW can compete with other classes no problem, but i did research and found a youtuber named detharos a 1527ilvl paladin trying dps that said, even with the best gear and engravings we would still do 20-30% dps less than pure dps class

how is this balance? the pvp is fairly balanced just fine and i enjoy learning match-up ( never cried about other classes in 1v1 )

but in terms of pve, seriously? devs gave me a choice of ‘Z’ and ‘X’ and i was glad when i saw paladin do have dps build and it turns out to be not viable?!

and i saw posts in this site on how toxic people are defending why hybrid classes can’t be good dps and shit, if so what about nerfing our shield? or make judgment paladin to only be able to choose 2 yellow skill when they have blue engraving, or better yet make judgment class engraving has side effect that causes all our shield effectiveness to be reduced…


Its a support class it shouldn’t be doing the same damage as a DPS class just like the bard.

Bard has the same option to play as a “DPS” but just like paladin it shines much much better as a support. you knew it was a support when you picked it so why is it an issue now ?


paladins don’t get to have their utility and the damage too. that makes no sense.

this is just not the game for you. the class has been out for over two years in Korea. it’s one of only two that can truly support and support is vitally needed in end game.


?? i did not know it was support, did u not read the post about nerfing our shield if i have blue judgment engraving active, to balance out the spec?


as i said nerfing the utilities if u have judgment engraving active…



That’s the entire point of paladin, you’re a priest in heavy armor that’s there to support. It’s been like that since D&D days & that’s why almost every RPG that has paladin in it has them designed like that.

So you should’ve already known what to expect especially if you’ve played WoW considering ret has been a meme spec since 06


When it comes to WoW, Ret stopped being a meme spec in WotLK when it became the god spec. Otherwise yea they are sadly usually support. However, also another thing, in DND most of the Paladin Subclasses are actually scary, like Vengeance. Just sayin.


when is the last time you play WoW ? lol every dps class there has no big gap of 20-30% dps difference…

how is paladin always support class? maybe jeff bezos should not have change the name from holy knight so WoW players like myself will not get baited

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thank u finally someone understand, they have tons of ways to balance out the spec it people complain that pally has big shield, just nerf the shield as side effect if u choose judgment engraving it is so simple.

e.g. Cursed doll engraving has side effect of -25% healing

Grudge has side effect of increasing damage taken and so is other like Increased mass and keen blunt weapon

they could buff our base blue skill and change eratta for judgment engraving to be
‘increase all punishment damage by %, and judgment piety duration by %, however all of your shield effectiveness will be reduced by %.


You do realise that if support classes did the same dmg as the DPS classes, we wouldn’t need dps classes at all? If you wanted to play dps, then pick a dps class.


pala IS Support nothing else. basta
play ret pala and get kicked from every group because you think ret pala can DPS.

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??? i down mythic nzoth with my guild as ret pala with decent dps (top 6 among the meters)

dint read? i said nerf the shield effectiveness if a pala chooses blue judgment engraving effect

^ this not enough? im sure im not the only ret pala main that complains about this, and it is so easy to balance too

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you people talk way to much nerd

KUKLE simple bait

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That’s such an invalid argument. To refer to old times or other games. For real?! That is no argument at all!

Imagine wanting to nerf support classes in favour of them going dps. I did read, and essentially you want them to rework paladin into a dps. WELL then I want gunlancers to be able to heal like the support classes do! :crazy_face:

Honestly, that you played to t3 before you realised you were playing a support class speaks volumes.


no bro read properly, IF a pala chooses to apply ‘blue judgment engraving’ instead of blessed aura(support engraving) there should be downside of losing the effectiveness of their support kit…

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