Paladin - Holy Protection - Cooldown reduction not working?

Hi guys,

I play a support pala as main. I have several skill specs for different kind of content, as well as several gem pages.

While my other skills heavily profit from cool down reduction via my swiftness attribute (I get -20% cooldown reduction) and also due to the slotted gems, my skill Holy Protection seems to not benefit at all from my stats?

Some skills with original and new cooldown:
Heavenly Blessing: 36 seconds down to 26 seconds
Wrath of God: 27 seconds down to 20 seconds
etc. etc.

Holy Protection: 30 seconds down to … 29 seconds ?!

(Yes, if I use my skill setup for Guardian Raids, I also change my Gem setup to fit that content).

I dont get it :confused:. Is this a bug?

Vow of Light adds 10 seconds to the cooldown. Holy Protection with Vow of Light is really 40 seconds CD but that isn’t reflected in the tooltip.


Oh, holy … yes. You are right. It increased the cooldown.

Thanks! :slight_smile: