Paladin Legion Raid Relic Set

I am ready to start crafting legion set gear but I’m not sure what the best set will be. Max Roll says Swamp of yearning but the 6 PC for that doesn’t make sense to me. the 4pc makes sense as to why a support pally would want that set but I feel the 4pc Yearning and the 2pc of Dominion Fang would make a good combo. What are the thoughts of the community on this?

6 piece swamp of yearning is BiS and there is mistranslations in Na/Eu version. 4 piece yearning gives party members 8% attack and movement speed bonus while 6 piece yearning makes it so party members deal an extra 8% dmg. And of course, you can always go off meta but I do not recommend it because you’d be trolling.

Build path from 5 harsh oath set+chosen weapon is : 1 - yearning helm/sword, 2 - dominion chest/pants, 3 - yearning pauldrons/gloves, and 4 - yearning chest/pants.


Thank you for clearing that up. The way it’s worded it says it adds dexterity… dex is good for some classes but… lol