Paladin mains, are you enjoying your class?

Palas have super-armor? oO

For me feels brain dead just spam my cd and heal aura when the meter maxed out, i think bard has more choices and that burst heal is awesome compred to our hot.

Nope, rerolled to Artilerist and never looked back.

Boring you say? I guess having an entire screen covered in grid not even knowing what’s going on and just clicking on the blinking bars like WOW has was fun…

Godsent Law has the third tripod that grants -70% damage for 1 sec.

I didn’t much like nor played WoW. But TERA was a trinity based MMO with action combat and it was very fun to go against the big bosses. Even though some of the bosses had wipe mechanics, you could really only finish them if everyone played their role right. Tank needed to tank well and healer needed to heal well but even then DPS needed to do their part right and if you played in PUGs, every new team was a bit different, which made it more exciting.

In Lost Ark, you YouTube the mechanics and then you just repeat. No one really need to do much more except DPS as both tank and healer is optional and they can’t really tank nor heal that much anyway.

So my point is that, if you are going to replace the trinity system, you need to replace it with something other than just DPS and static boss mechanics.

Paladin is very much an acquired taste…( same with bard)

I played it mostly in RU and it got repetitive/felt like i was just there. All the support skills feel passive.

I have 1 on NA server, but it will stay as an alt here. I have it just because of rumors of a rework for PLD.

Its a solid class overall though. Play what you enjoy. paladin has a lower skill cap is a plus.

I am getting into parties on PF every week and clearing Valtan no problem.

100%, Strong support, economic to build for the actual legion raid content and excellent in pvp. dont try DPS paladin please.


I’m a solo paladin who likes a simple build.

Besides the AE skills we have for clearing trash i like to use preemptive strike + heavenly blessing w/ heavenly requiem tripod. I find it’s super easy to gather the 3 elites in stage 2 and 1 shot them with this combo. Depending on the boss it will do upwards of 50% damage with 1 hit. Also killing the 3 elites resets the CD. Stage 3 when you break the crystal you can 1 shot these mobs as well. The only downside is this has to be your first damage hit on the mobs, so make sure it’s a big hitter, but it also applies to your AE skills for trash.

I have enjoyed pally to 1450. It’s easy to get into groups, and you can make a difference especially if you knpw the boss mechanics. A well-timed awakening shield can be very useful.

The problem now is developing my pally is becoming rather boring as there’s no goto 4th or 5th engravings. Other classes have 5 or 6 strong options, where we have three. So I can pimp stats with relic, but only add some marginal utility, a bit more stagger, or some ether cookies to the mix. It would be nice to have more.

Chaos dungeons are quite therapeutic with the big pally AEs and preemptive strike, but I’m not optimistic about the new tower… we’ll see!