Paladin missing skill

In all the builds I find they have them using Heavenly Blessings but I don’t have that skill listed for choice … I’m lvl 49 right now but can someone help

Go lv 50 mate

Every (most ? not 100% sure) classes have one ability locked behind the first awakening quest that you do once you hit lvl 50, so get to lvl 50, get your first awakening and voilà you will receive your ability :wink:

Yer I’m lvl 50, only gear score 360 got the awakening stuff done, its weird I just don’t seem to heal me or anyone, not even this slow HOT seems to move the HP bars?

I tried just about every build on the first 2 pages of Google and nothing.
I see other Paladins doing massive amounts of heals, starting to wonder if my characters got some sort of bug honestly.

You don’t heal that much as paladin…your aura does 2% hp ticks and your other skill does what…8% at base ? You can get a bit more heal with higher tiers of gear but you will never be a straight up healer. Bard has a burst heal which is way stronger but she obviously sacrifices dps for that.

Basically both supports (in an ideal scenario) are there for buffs and debuffs, not heals. You only need to heal your team when they eff up and luckily , paladin does his heal passively with the aura + skill, unlike Bard that has to make a conscious decision whether to heal or to buff dmg.

yea :smiley: all class missing one skill Deathblade missing skil name is Sword art

Do you have the blessed aura engraving? Otherwise you dont heal at all.