Paladin Platinum Skin + Cerebus Mount

Hello, I’m having a very hard time choosing which Cerebus Mount would look nice with the Platinum Skin for Paladin and I can’t find many sources of both the skin and the mount together.

If you have this Skin/Mount combination, would you be so kind to share a picture so I can see how it looks?

Thanks in advance

I personally think the starter pack mount looks better with the Paladin skin, but you’d either want to choose the black or the white Cerberus one, both have a teal color on the saddle however I personally think the black one with the gold head piece looks better than the white one with a silver head piece.

I have the white cerberus and paladin plat skin, it looks nice. Here is a screenshot. I do wish the mount had gold trim instead of silver, but the white mount matches the white in the skin nicely enough.