Paladin rework idea

this is just an idea to make paladin fit better in the game, you can agree or disagree but please read with an open mind. also english is not my native language so expect some errors.

paladin is a great class but it’s a buff base support in a damage oriented game. this makes it so there isn’t many engravings to choose from and the useful engravings aren’t used by a lot of classes, so it can get expensive . also half of his identity is practically useless unless you go dps paladin (not a good idea).

first of the primary objectives of this idea:

  • keep core gameplay and role of paladin while increasing skill ceiling.
  • give more build options while maintaining as much of current builds as posible.

with that said lets start with the most important change, paladin’s attacks and skills put a stackable mark on the enemy (probably needs a max), if the enemy is hit by a teammate or a judgement skill one stack gets consumed, dealing damage. with this Wrath of God and Heavenly Blessings should increase the damage of the mark instead of boosting party attack power.

this would make it so damage engravings work on paladin (as the mark counts as his damage) while keeping him as a support.

now into the identity and engravings.

  • holy aura (yellow identity) loses it’s extra damage but it provides damage resistance.

  • Sacred Executioner (blue identity), loses the punishment damage. gains mark damage (extra range is unchanged).

  • blessed aura (yellow class engraving) loses damage resistance, healing unchanged.

  • Judgment (blue class engraving) loses identity gain, punishment damage and Sacred Executioner duration. increases mark crit rate and crit damage of the mark.

with this changes paladin would have access to more engravings while keeping current engravings viable, paladins would have to choose what identity to use depending on what is needed and maintain marks on the enemy. solo content would be cleared easier as paladin can get damage engravings.

i can’t talk about numbers as i don’t have a way of testing. i myself aren’t too sure about the identity and class engraving part but whatever.
anyway thanks for reading.

I dont think this works.

So is bard. This is how supports work.
Engraving in general get silly expensive, the whole system has a meta and any rework that changes the meta will just result in a different set of expensive engravings.

It’s not as bad as you think it is, and even if you don’t wanna push a dps paladin, it’s good for PvP/Chaos Dungeons.

Why are we making solo content harder?

The only thing this would do is let you take the blue identity instead of yellow. It doesn’t give you any other options for engravings.

The paladin does not need a tripod. Doesn’t spend potions on chaos and swapping some skills and preemptive strike clears solo content from the quickest. Then it has a dps build that is also one of the most powerful. Also, it’s better at countering than the bard, and perhaps the most tanky class in the game. It’s perfect as it is, if they touched it it would only be to fuck it up.

probably not. just a thought experiment.

kind of, it depends on the type of engraving, the supply, demand, etc.

i know is not bad, i just don’t think is a good idea for the perception some people have.

i don’t think you understood the idea. or i didn’t understand the question.

if the damage that paladin provides is registered as his damage, this damage would be affected by damage engravings.

as an example you could have a build with damage engravings like cursed doll or barricade. this would be a damage oriented build. or you could have a protection focus build with expert and such. but both would be support builds.

still i know it has problems i just want see other opinions.

DPS Paladin is fine but you wouldnt do a legion raid with it. It’s a healer in all but name.

why did i get cruel fighter on my last legion raids if that is true?

Because the other deeps were lacking? It’s a percentage, not an assertion of X dps.

But from another pally, great job :slight_smile:

Support role in Lost Ark is not fully developed.

Right now there is no joy in upgrading and improving your support. Honing, tripod and gems are really “meh” for supports.

A more simple solution is to give supports, while speced in support, 70-80% of the dmg potential of a dps class, like ff14 for example, and adjust content to match the extra dps of the party (enrage, health bar mechanics, etc.).

Gunlancer “kinda” works like that.

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If I got what you are saying right, it’s that changing the damage buff currently on judgement to an on hit applied consumable stacking damage debuff. So the paladin loses judgement damage at the cost of the buffing everyone elses damage, unless the paladin can consume the stacks. But if the paladin consumes the stacks then it defeats the purpose.

Solo content such as chaos dungeons and towers will have less damage and thus take longer.

Let me know if i misunderstood, i very well may have.

I see what you mean here, but I think it would be better to try and tailor it so that we get use of non-meta/“useless” engravings. E.g. magic stream or something