Paladin skin bug from shop

So I purchased the blue and gold paladin skin from the shop, I forget the name of it. I am not sure when this started as I have recently noticed this, but because the chest peice is a chest and pants combo peice, my pants never show as the blue and gold skin, the game bugs between another equippable pant skin I have as well as the t3 ones I’m wearing. The only way I can fix it temporarily is when I remove my secondary pant skin while keeping it viewable, then pop the chest and pant combo peice off and back on. This fixes it until I change zones or go through any loading screen in which it reverts back to either the secondary pant skin or the t3 pants I’m wearing. I really love the skin but am kind of disappointed I spent the gems on it and I don’t even get the full look as my pants that are showing are of some different sets. Please fix this bug so I can enjoy the skin I purchased! Thanks!