Paladin to Beserker main

Hi there,

I’m playing a DPS Paladin and figured it’s time to just go Beserker as my main as I just care about DPS. Would Knowledge Transfer to Punika be the best option - I’ve heard doing so can conflict with the virtues, specifically not being able to get full virtues etc.


I don’t think it’s worth buying KT (cost 8 hours and 2400 gold) for Punika which takes about 2 hours to do.

Also, great decision to reroll Berserker if you want to play an actual DPS class.

Takes two hours from what? It’s either KT or start from scratch. Also I have the Feiton Pass - is it worth using that for my Beserker? Does the Feiton pass take you to T3 or do I have to do Feiton?

Feiton pass gets you to 960 item level and you have to still hone to 1100 and then do the T3 Punika. If it’s worth using on Berserker is only for you to decide.

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Might just do that instead then - thanks.