Paladin Wrath of God Tripod bug

+3 Faith on my tripod, then my total skill tripod level is still lvl3.
Tried to remove it then re-applied, bug still exists.

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, wind851218.

What is your character name and server name?

US east Karta
Character name is Lagpally

Oh man i thought this was just me, I have the same thing with my swift fingers tripod on gunlance shot on my gunlancer, tripod is level 3 on gear, but only level 3 on skill when it should be 4, its very strange.

For the mod, i play on NAE Kharmine and the character name is Woofzlancer.

Thanks a bunch for providing me with those :slight_smile: . I’ll get this over to the dev team.

Thanks for letting me know you’re having this issue as well.