Paladin/Holy Knight as a DPS class

Is there going to be a class rework (i heared is gona be in march)?
Id love to play Palladin as a DPS so i cant wait to know more abaut this.


educated guess: not going to happen…

support-classes are meant to support in the endgame and if they could pull equal dps to “pure dps” classes while also having access to at least part of their support-kit would be kind of hard to balance.

you never know, but i’d say it’s highly unlikely that we see that kind of rework


Where you got the source of this claims?

Then it might be time for some changes in design philosophy. There is a demand for DPS paladin and “class X is meant to be support” is not a viable argument against it. Especially, when all they have to do is change some numbers and redesign some mandatory passives. Holy Knight already has all it needs for a complete dps build, but is held back by arbitary roadblocks.


that makes 0 sense, if tehy have access to support abilitys , then tehyr an hybrid and will do less dmg obviously.


You have a PLETHORA of available dps classes. We have but two supports (and a third on the way which will be idiot locked to a loli character so NEVER gonna happen for me). Don’t make the remaining support classes go dps. Besides if you like paladin, just play him as a support and be the most sought after class in any content. Gameplay as a support paladin is still very fun and dynamic, just because you don’t get huge numbers doesn’t mean you’re not every bit as needed (if not more)


Not going to happen ever

paladin and bard are supports end of the story.

the reworks are for old classes mostly since some are a bit outdated compared to new classes

if u want a dps that has some support gunlancer is there for u to enjoy

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Your argument lacks logic. Why should someone care about a plethora of available classes when the only class one enjoys is the holy knight? Some people would rather not play the game at all when they can’t play the class they want on their own terms.

The Lost Ark devs implemented a system in which you can freely customize your characters abilities. It is their responsibility to make sure that system doesn’t degenerate into a state where the choice is stripped away and more than 50% of your abilities are basically locked (mandatory).

Don’t dictate other people how to have fun.


You can play what you want but dont expect people to play with you if you go dps pally.

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To use a very crass metaphor:

Say you are a worker in a shipyard and have a standard ship that you offer. Lots of people love this ship, it’s well designed and has everything you want from a ship. Then someone comes along and says “I want to use this ship as a lawnmower” - You’d probably think “sure if they want to”. However, you wouldn’t change the entire ship design accordingly either, would you ?

Paladin, Bard and Painter (or whatever they will call her in NA/EU) are support classes. They were designed from the ground up as support classes and thus will always be support classes. Now can you use them in solo gameplay to slay tons of monsters ? Of course you can and it works just fine. Are they meant to be dps ? Nope - they were inherently built differently.

Could you theoretically completely rework both these classes and subsequently every single other class to accommodate your wish ? Sure but that would mean such an insane amount of re-balancing, reworking, redesigning and whatnot that you might just as well create an entirely new game from scratch.


Pretty sure that’s a hard no. ;>)

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If anyone here is reasonable, they would understand the fact, that paladins attacks just do not do any dmg even if you pick 8 dmg spells and therefore dont even support.

That makes these skill useless and thats wrong.

Dps paladin should exist and picking supportskills should just correlate to you to do less dmg.

A support has a reason to exist, so much so that you sacrifice a dps spot so that would never be bad to pick support skills but shouldnt be all a paladin can do.

Its like having a priest with a staff where you expect that priest to cast spells and heal/support but the only useful things that priest can do is dmg and its support spells are too weak…

Paladin is the opposite its a class which fights on the frontlines and bringing retribution.
Its the executor of the holy law and then its beeing told, no you can only shield buff and heal…



thats one definition of paladin and whatever “lore” definition you pull out of the hat, it doesnt matter for class-/game-balance.

also Paladin does fine dmg-wise for ANYTHING that isnt abyss-raids or (later on) actual raids.

do people WANT to pring a paladin for dps? no … why? cause theres enough other dps classes, but not enough support classes (or players playing support classes).

im sorry that you cant play what you “exactly want” to play but this is about the bigger picture and as stated in my initial post:
educated guess: dps-paladin rework isnt going to happen.
smilegate has other priorities right now (like artist, female berserker, etc)

maybe some day but not anytime soon


The paladin dps spells aren’t useless, they build your gauge for the big buff & heal / debuff enemies / buff your team / stagger enemies. There’s plenty of things your dps spells do, they just don’t do the amount of dps that a dps class does. But a dps class can’t shield (or at least most can’t and certainly not as reliably) , a dps class can’t bypass wipe mechanics by giving team members a insane dmg reduction, a dps class can’t heal the team and no dps class can buff dmg / attack speed as well as pala / bard.

How would you even do a dps paladin ? If dps paladins existed, why would you ever play anything else ? Since I guaran-effin-tee you that dps paladin would be giga overpowered since you could just mix and match the best support skills with the best dps skills. And balancing skills such that they become weaker if (and only if) certain other skills are equipped is a programming nightmare which I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemies.

Also Paladin in most lore I know is actually on the frontline supporting but he’s not the berserker or the mage doing the most dmg, he’s in front of the enemy either tanking (which doesn’t exist in this game so lets not start with that) or he’s a healer that can take a blow - coincidentally that’s basically exactly what paladin is in this game. A tanky support that’s on the frontline with a plethora of cool looking spells that support the team or debuff the enemy. If that’s not cool enough for you, there’s plenty other class fantasies you can live out.

Or you just go play pvp and become a god (because pala in pvp is freakishly strong in the right hands).


this is the worst metaphor I’ve ever seen lol

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yeah why should we feel penalized for being allowed to explore one of two specs available (that the game implies to you is viable) then being told “lol no you can ONLY heal no argument”. the DPS paladin fantasy is sweet but hey balancing a class that could pick either DPS or Support would be “impossible to balance” xD

balancing a hybrid class to be barely dps viable is not that wild of an idea and the community should stop treating it as such


Every class has a meta build. If you don’t run the meta build you’ll be slacking.

Paladins are no exception. Their meta is a support build. If you dps, you’re bringing your team down.

The end.


As a ret pali main for the longest time I have the same semi-chub for DPSing as a holy dude, but I’ve come to accept that my primary role as a holy boi in lost ark is support with some piddly DPS on the side.

Doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to build yourself like a DPS, just remember you’ll hit like a wet noodle and gimp everyone you party with.

Live the dream when you do solo content my holy brother and don’t weigh down other people in group content.


I think the OP is thinking of the talked about buff for paladin in solo content. I haven’t heard anything about a buff for them outside of that.

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