Pally output damage?

I know as a pally i primarily focus on support but is it normal to have really low damage output? Just seems like compared to other classes my damage output is not that great.

Yes is is normal


Yup, you’d have to switch your engravings around to do “decent” damage. But your shields suffer too much.

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Its normal. Supports never output similar dps to dps classes.
Some games tried with more specs, or 1 char makes everything, or simply removed supps/tanks and called it revolutionary (heh), but in lost ark thats not the case.
I would suggest you play either a 2nd class for relaxation, or at least add a solo/dps spec for the support.
In both cases, you need to invest time/ressources and its up to you if its worth it.

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Ok thank you was just making sure i wasnt missing something.

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I have a sorc, im fine with low dps as a support class, just wanted to come on here an make sure that it was normal and that i wasnt overlooking something i shouldnt have. Thanks for the help.

Great thing with pally is he got pretty good burst(easy to play in all solo things we gotto do) Really relaxing class to play.

Playing a lot of classes and primarily Bard and Scrapper before paladin.
Paladin damage felt and feels really good.
There are some skills that I feel I have to take: Flash thrust and Dash slash are my favorite damage skills with 10 points in their tripods.

If you pick some bad skills/tripods the damage falls off a lot.

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Create a secondary set for solo content with crit as main stat and swiftness as second. Go for judgment/adrenaline engraving.

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