Paranormal Activity in Auction House~ True Story

The other day roughly around 03:52 am, after sorting out a couple of high level gems for my chars, handed over by few of my friends that decided to quit and focus on other games, at that time i was thinking of doing some charity for those in needs for gems, since i had a few left .

So i listed 5 lv9 gems, 3 CD 2 DMG each around 145000 Gold & 2-3 secs after listed, sold on the spot. I was like huh ?!! Why so fast, Sonic or flash !!! I was baffled, my initial thoughts was, listed those gems, and do a shout-out in forum/discord but then again …

I highly suspected the Auction House … IS HAUNTED !!! True story bruhhhhh.

Well if you on NAE, lvl 9s are like 170k min so if it was posted at 145k thats basically 30k discount

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