Partner received 20 minute penalty for learning PvP

Hi there!

I’m making this post on behalf of my partner, who does not have her own amazon account.

Recently, she’s grown to discover and enjoy the PvP side of the game.
She started with Island PvP, moved on to Deathmatches, and tonight, she stepped into the world of Team Elimination. Obviously, she underperformed due to her learning curve, going so far as to being completely overwhelmed by a surprisingly good Gunslinger (Tier 1, of course, matched against her grade 11). Out of 3 matches, she struggled to do much significant damage in two of them, and upon exiting the Proving Grounds on the third match, found herself unable to re-enter, with the game simply stating she was sanctioned for 20 minutes. Upon inspection, the only conceivable reason for it would be the clause "Applies when your combat participation is not high enough.

After contacting the customer support of AGS, they said this was abnormal, and asked I make this forum post, as well as their own internal transfer of this feedback to “the concerned team”.

It has proven extremely discouraging for her to be punished for learning to play. Why should she be prevented from playing simply because the matchmaking decided to place her against someone vastly more experienced and skillful than her.

The PvP arena should not let poor matchmaking gatekeep newer and less experienced players from the PvP, by placing them against people they cannot possibly beat, and then banning them from PvP for not holding their own against a superior opponent.

I apologize if this is not the correct person, but I was told to ping @Roxx by the customer support specialist regarding this issue.

Obviously not much can be done as the harm is already done and past, with those 20 minutes being up, but please understand that she is severely discouraged from playing this game at all, let alone trying to learn PvP.

Thank you for reading.

ok this is me but im just really high and got clapped on my first time sorc in this mode. LOL i honestly cant breathe im laughing so hard.