Parts of quests where you type emotes out suck

Literally remove quests that require you to slash type out an emote. Make it a right click. It sucks to type emotes out. If you do it in the pre-50 quests, fine, it will teach the player. There is no reason I should have to do it at post 1000 ilvl.


Here’s a tip:

Press Y and select the emote and click on it.

Mission Accomplished. Is that hard?

Reminds me of the thread where the guys were complaining about pressing G to harvest guardian souls.

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u want different quests right? like, always is someone complaining: “its always the same, kill 20 of …, collect 40 of…, talk to …, mimimi”
how do different quests have to look like? pressing an emote is wrong too. pls give me an example. how does quest variety have to look like?
ps: yes i know, u did not complain about variety… but u look like this typ of player who could have written something like that. sorry if its wrong.

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That’s still extra steps that are useless. Sometimes, quests just have you right click to “talk” to someone. Some quests make you literally type /talk. It adds useless complexity when it could be easier. I understand how to use fucking emotes. Don’t force it on me when I’m in the last part of endgame.

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Obviously someone who don’t like the RP elements of either MMORPG or ARPG.

I mean… I didn’t see that thread, but surely there wasn’t any defence for that system? It is a waste of time and adds the chance to lose the rewards, for no good reason.

OP, I hate these /emote /talk quests as well, I don’t like that I can’t spam through the roleplay chat options and I don’t like having to use f5 to look at pictures and read books etc; Is what it is, once they’re done I guess they’re done.

Most systems are seemingly designed for roleplayers to get immersed, from these things to not skipping cutscenes for the majority vote.

I don’t mind RP elements. It’s the implementation of how they want you to react to things that’s my problem.

There’s nothing added and only frustration with having to type out a slash emotion command for a quest. The game knows you can react a certain way, just let me right click it with a wait time, like how other quests work. When I come up to a quest marker and it says /talk, I fucking hate the game. It’s ridiculous. I am talking to someone when I click on them. This interaction is worthless.

I know this sounds like a nitpick, but I just sat through like 300 hours of playing the game and it was one of the few complaints I had about the game. In addition, it’d make the game more accessible for those with disabilities - they may find it harder to type something out, but could click an element on screen. I have a family member who can only interact via eyes - this system counts on them focusing on an element on screen.

tldr; Typing / emotions is outdated. No one wants to do it. When people encounter them in quests, they mostly have a negative reaction.

edit2: Holy shit, they really keep doing this shit past ilvl1100. Why? Fucking WHY? WE DON’T WANT TO TYPE OR USE EMOTES. WE GET IT.