Party finder and mm are dead?

Can’t find or make or join any group

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have the same issue… But ags staff is on holidays guess we have to wait after the holidays :sad:

Who had mm and party finder unavaiable for new years? Who had the lucky bungo?


Many streamer has this problem too, so one extra problem on top of the existing ones.
Worse and worse day by day

same issue for me EUC asta.
Cant create a group or join one.

Yep, same issue here, luckily fixing the servers seems to be a low priority, while western standards being upheld is nr1 priority :fist: :triumph:


I tried to use the send join request a few times, it didnt work at all, then 4 mn later got spammed by alll the failed requests:
I then tried to join a team as the button was working and now i’m stuck:

Relog or wait out the lag, I had this issue yesterday

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took them 9 months to fix the 4 man raid bug, im expecting another 9 months to fix this issue

yeah some mn later:

bug started yesterday for me

this because the amount of bots. everything that happens in this game is because of them. but AGS dont care

bots yes but this is happening cause for rmter who doesn’t get hardware ban

they’re busy censoring artists.

its just like the first days of the game hyped AF and the amount of people made everything bug/lag/dc… bots ruining everything about this game just like any other games but here its really really fked up

The team has been informed eyeroll

you have 300k plust concurent players on steam

280k are bots and you got around 90k to 100k actual real players

Most ppl are quitting this game especially after brehl release and roadmap so you probably have around 60k actual players playing this game.

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yeah party finder is dead, cant search groups, cant invite people to groups, cant enter with a full group, the chatt does not work

yep same here

and you have problem with that because ?

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