Party leader in lobby should be able to each player's ping

I was running a vykas raid earlier this morning and noticed one of my party member consistently keep getting hit by her electric mechanic. We all ask what the problem was after about 6-8 raid tries. The guy finally admit he was lagging, having over 500 ping…

Had I know about the lag situation, I would not have accepted him into the raid. I think it will be very helpful for the person running the raid lobby to know what each player’s ping is.

Please forward this idea to the dev team for them to implement. Thank you

We now gatekeep on pings lol


Hey there @avocet, we appreciate this feedback. I can understand why someone would want to have access to this knowledge, however, I think this suggestion might hurt more than help.

I look forward to seeing what other players think!

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No learn party, only experienced players 4x3 min, below 30ms


I understand the other side of the argument against this idea. However, we do not want 1 or 2 player with very high ping to consistently ruin the raid.

This is their personal problem that they need to address. If they can’t find a party cause of their high ping, then they can either fix their ping or create their own party.

It’s not gatekeeping. It’s finding the most idea candidates in pub. If players with poor ping are allowed into raids, they hinder everyone else and that’s just not fair.

I accept people with 3x3 engravings into my vyk party without hesitation. What’s more concerning is high pings and inexperience players.

Oh yeahhhh gatekeeping ping for trivial content now. It really doesnt matter if someone has high ping, Vykussy is a farm.

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lol seriously not everyone lives in a good country or area there are situations where there is a little ping instead of thinking about how to find out just understand and that’s it

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It’s not gatekeeping. Do you just accept a player who runs level 1 grudge with level 3 negative penalty to damage and damage taken? I don’t think so. It’s taking on liability. We want assets.

When you play with 500 ping, you become a liablity to the team.

Bruh I don’t even look at what people have anymore. Valtan and Vykas are farms. Inferno is an entirely different story, but HMs are farms at this point.

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Be honest about what you say bro. Don’t say things to try and win an argument.
And if you are actually honest in what you say, then I feel sorry for the people who are in your party. Here’s a PL who allows anyone to enter his party.
Actually, why don’t you carry my new war dancer with no gear, no engravings. I’ll just stand around and die, become a liability.
Let’s see it bro.

Ok so the last 3 weeks I’ve been doing HMs as PL, and have been accepting first 7 people with no bias. There has been a single time, on Vykas G1 where we had to stop raid and kick a single person (that person refused to do mechanics, they weren’t bad at it, they just refused to do the mechanics). Aside from that its 3 first runs of Valtan, and 2 first runs of Vykas all gates for each. As much as you want to defend your gatekeeping with hypotheticals, I have not actually looked at what people’s gear is. I have faith that there are very very few players among the 100k who are willing to go into raids and troll, or at 1460ilvl don’t have proper setups.

And you can say that I don’t actually believe what I’m saying, but I have always said that gatekeeping is silly and frankly not needed at all. My stance on this has never changed, and my actions fall in place with my stance. You might be too scared to do what I do, but I know I will be alive at the end, and I know the odds are in my favor to have 2+ others alive at the end in Valtan, and 3+ others alive at the end for Vykas. Believe it or not, these raids can be done with early deaths, having one person with 500 ping wouldn’t affect the way I approach these things.

Again this is a solo experience, it isn’t a social game in the least. You play your character with no synergy with others, why should I be concerned with others setups when DPS isn’t the question, it is just mechanics.

I will revisit this with Clown. I’m not entirely certain what to expect, But I have been told 2 very different stories: It is an insane DPS check, and it isn’t a DPS check… So I personally don’t know what to expect. If I have to gatekeep it for a few weeks I will.

Do we just accept anyone to job? Do we just accept anyone into our house? Why do we have lock doors? Explain that one to me. Call it whatever you want, but many reasonable people select assets instead of liability for a reason.

So you are soooo saintly and don’t gate keep. Please, like I said, add my severely undergeared char and also newbie friends into your next raid okay? I LOVE to see how this goes.

It’s soo funny today that the idea of being righteous, “social justice” of anti -gatekeeping, seeing it as an evil thing has plague some people’s mind.

Guess what, everyone in life discriminate one way or another. It just all depends how and why they discriminate. Choosing the right player for the job is anything but evil. If you suck, if you don’t know mech, if you have bad pings, there’s another group for you to play with. No hard feelings.

Stop trying to force this idea that everyone belongs and accepted everywhere down our throat.

If you are one of the first few who join I will gladly add you to raid. I literally don’t look at gear, just class. I always make sure to have one glavier and one artillerist (this is personal preference based on mechanics in the raids). You are clearly upset, I don’t think what I do is Saintly, it is just normal at this stage in the game. I am not saying gatekeeping is wrong, whatever people wanna do to help them sleep at night, but it is just unnecessary. You can argue this until you are blue in the face, it won’t phase me. You can throw the extremes in like an on ilvl character with no engravings who doesn’t play the game and only lives to troll, but the sad part is: it isn’t realistic to run into that. When you do though, one isn’t enough to hold a raid back, and if it is, you can just kick it.

However no matter how much you wanna kick and scream, you as PL will never be privy to people’s connection strength. Making the entire post completely pointless.

If I have a bad ping I need to retire because of you, you are serious :-1:

No. You just play with another party that has bad ping. It’s fair for the rest of us. Or make your own party. I would do the same if I had bad ping.

Okay, which server and char name are you on? I’ll be sure to let my group of newbie, undergeared friends know to join your party.

If you have really bad pings, your item level and best engravings won’t save you. You will still become a liability to the team.

Answer me something honestly, do you have bad pings?

I’m sitting on a fiber optic 2GB/s connection in Canada. Which means I’m not in the US and I actually get what I pay for. I connect to the closest game server with 30 or less ping depending on if its Chicago or New York. Chicago is generally 12 ping, New York is 20-30 depending on the server capacity at the time. This is speaking purely from PoE servers (because it is the only game where I get blatantly told what ping I have to said server, without changing settings) which everyone who has played it knows it is not the greatest, and LA has better servers.

Again, kick and scream all you want, you will not get what you want.

Once again my ping can be good in every gate. Then at the third gate. of Vikas he starts going crazy how this is problematic