Party of 3 kicked me from boss rush

I entered boss rush with my 1370 alt, there was a party of 3 I know because they were all in the same guild. Then around level 10 they decided to warn me even though I was attacking. Then they kicked me now I lost my boss rush ticket.

This is so absurd because that’s exactly the same reason chaos dungeon doesn’t have a warn and kick option. Even though I’ve encountered afk fucks whom I couldn’t kick on chaos dungeon. Now, for no reason at all I’m getting kicked and losing my ticket…

From all the posts i read in this forum… These same people (that want to see the world burn) are in the forums spamming threads and arguing just for the sport.
What i mean is - here the community is even worse than those who kicked you just coz they had bad day or smth

It’s absurd.
Usually nobody cares about boss rush who does doing more. It’s most easy job to finish, less effort big rewards.

Pity, that you met power-tripping people.

Their bad day is everyday. It’s called negative people, who loves howling.

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Thanks for your sympathies, yeah these guys just do it for shits and giggles. I wish there was a way to get my ticket back. I’m beyond the time wasted.

Just move on theres nothing u can do or equip your alt boss rush is easy soloable at 1370.

It’s even more absurd when you remember there isn’t a kick button during any kind of raid/dungeon/activity unless you are on the open world.

Seems to be a lot of this going on recently…

Who was the guild in question? Be good to know so others can avoid games with them!

I can’t remember because I haven’t paid much attention I just saw that they were in the same guild, unfortunately.

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Shame pal, I don’t know if support would give a new ticket for that, might be worth posting in Game Support or raising a ticket see if they can give you a new one.

And also, find the people that kicked you and punish them.

Damn got trolled :joy:

I got kicked too iwent to the bathroom for 10 minutes


chaos dungeon with people …, full double facepalm here.

I was doing it with my bard, but I ceased doing that after getting too many afk people, I have been doing it solo since.

@Roxx this is a massive oversight being reported since a few months back, please report this to developers. it needs to be fixed.

Its not an improvement to make people happier, its a hotfix to a gamebreaking loophole. Basically with 3 people you can kick anyone for any reason, even on limited entry content like boss rush.


I mean you’re queued in match making I think if you get queued with them there is no avoidance other than being aware you’re with them XD

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Yep, no I agree that is my lack of braincells speaking there :stuck_out_tongue:

no worries… I was just double checking no harm done XD

Yeh, I either don’t make sense at all, or I am just winding someone up for shits and giggles… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully OP comes back with some positive news and a replaced ticket from support though, that would make a good end for this post and then picks up a decent group with MM to use it with!



I’ve sent a ticket, they basically said they will send it to a mod team to check if anyone will need to be punished.

Also, they won’t reimburse the ticket as they don’t do that manually but automatically through a system.