Party View UI - Additional Options


Hello, I was hoping for some more options for the party view could be added.
Personally, I like to see the class and name, but would love an option without the buff bar (example above).

Would also be cool if we could edit the overall sizing as well, just a bit more customization.

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yes please the party UI we got now. its REALLY bad… you cant even make p1 and p2 ui look the same… so BAD!!!

Definitely aware this isn’t game-changing, but it’s something that I’d like to have for a while. Nobody is going to lose their mind if it isn’t implemented, but if it is, it’s going to be an improvement for many people – not everyone, but not every change effects everyone. Just because something is not important to you, doesn’t mean it is useless.

I’m all for additional options, but please make it so we can click through the UI elements to move instead of nothing happening if you end up right clicking on an icon when trying to dodge mechs :c.

This makes it unviable to use the sleeker design and/or have the party window centered around your character for more visibility. Instead we have to put the party window on the side of the screen to not block movement.

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Appreciate your feedback @clor and others in the thread. I will send on this UI customization suggestion.