Passes and events for new classes

So we heard back when Lancer and Destroyer released that one of a couple things could happen, either the pass that comes with the first class will last until the second so that we may use it on either or, and we’d also know which class is coming as we get information or release about the first class. (lancer being the first, destroyer second/ arcana being first, scouter being second)

So if possible, can we get some clarity of how it goes into the system and how the information gets transitioned to us? Mainly, I’m a player hoping to play scouter, so obviously I’d hope that we could get a pass or event with him. However, that was already denied. However, this pass and event wont even last till his release? So what’s the deal with that? I’d like some clarity about it and I’m sure other individuals would too.

Maybe they are just trying to direct us into buying royal crystals for passes. Wouldn’t be surprised, because if they don’t release a power pass with scouter, I’d definitely pay for it with cash :joy:

Sure there question has been asked several times and the mods have stated no passes/events for September class release, could be wrong, but you could also find the info out with the search bar at the top.