Patch delay because of bugs

Yeah it happens.

Just keep up the communication.

Hopefully after Valtan we won’t have any patches that are being majorly modified from other releases so this won’t happen again (for those unaware, Valtan and other 1415 content have always released with South Vern, so I would assume this patch with just South Vern and cut out 1415 content unique to NA is the cause of the issues).

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bugs in an already released content from two years ? KEKW


And it was the same reason last week…

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My question is why was QA running so behind and close to deployment, are they paying them?

Somehow QA seems always be able to find critical bugs on scheduled patch day


Normally everything with SV + Valtan + Deskaluda + 1415+ chaos dungeon etc releases together. They are cutting up that patch into multiple parts, so depending on how things were coded this could cause major issues (which is the problem I am assuming).

This is something that has only been done in our region.

Yeah it happens but little shocking to see that they’re still doing the testing in the last minute - would’ve thought company like AGS (or Smilegate) to have their shit together.

It’s either that or they waited out til last minute and communicated it to us, either way it’s disappointing :frowning:

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I wish they would communicate the “critical issue” because if its something that can just simply be disabled until further notice i’d rather have that then have them announce a release date + trailer then come up as a no show. Inb4 the critical issue is with the arks pass :joy:

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that’s supposed to happen already from two weeks. Come on we’re not talking about a small indie … well it’s AGS nevermind

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this is unacceptable. They had a month to do this, they even delay it once last week. and they wait until the last minute to tell us this? Totally unacceptable.


In light of recent news, when you release the content after the “bugs” are found and corrected; you should reconsider releasing all of that particular patch content. valtan, sv, etc. there is no point cutting it into fragments and bringing it in arbitrary waves

Which bugs?¿ Game has been out for years and they are past this content, don’t make me laugh lol

How long was this game delayed for again?

Why is the patch notes delayed though? A bug fix should have minimal impact on patch notes. And they can update them if need be. Jeez

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Removing them chaos dungeons broke the patch lol

did they really removed it?

The game does have a bug its called AGS. i have not seen them do a single thing right by this game since they got it. Here is hoping someone better takes over or SGR lights a fire under their arse to do better

I mean the alternative is no release date until last minute because they can’t be 100% sure until they are actually releasing, and that is much worse IMO compared to giving a target date and then an unlikely event pushing that date back.

A huge mess up on their part. Poor communication (recently been getting marginally better), poor planning and poor execution.

This is already done now. They need to restore good faith. Give us some good compensation for the recent happenings.

crazy idea if they cant seem to cut up content into smaller peices and drip feed us why not let them do less work and give us more content seems like a win win to me