Patch doesn't mean squat if you haven't resolved the disconnect issues

Nice patch but I’ll hold my breath since I haven’t been able to play since Friday without disconnect every 2 minutes. AGS really doesn’t know what they’re doing. You’d think this would be a priority but no, instead they did emergency maintenance for the whole pheon debacle yesterday.


The patch note is really good but yeah i’m kinda disappointed that they don’t even mention this issue

and just like that, people forgot about the shitshow we have since yesterday, sad

This is actually true. Not only did we have disconnects in our group last night, but this morning as well. Along with the duplicate login message thing that shuts the game off. Annoying as hell.

The patch is great, but i am the wondering the same if they actually solve the dc issues…

@Roxx any news on whether this is gonna be fixed?

Nobody forgot about it, but to give credit were its due, this is the biggest patch to date.

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1 Step at a time guys, if everything goes well tomorrow and we can play the game at all, without any maintenance extensions i will be a little bit happy.

Hey there, we’ll be monitoring the disconnect issue following the update. Please keep us posted and let us know if you continue to see the problem tomorrow.

Is this to say the team has figured out what the issue was and are using this patch to try to fix it? Or was there no resolution, so this is more a shot in the dark at the issue being resolved?

“we have not done anything, but a restart to the servers may fix the problem by itself, we will be monitoring the issue”

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“We haven’t done anything, but we’re hoping the spaghetti code in the last patch will fix itself in the next patch.”

can you stop complaining and be grateful? they protected us and the economy from an exploit. Thank you AGS for taking a swift action and solving the exploit before it went haywire.

oh and I got to keep my 240 free pheons :slight_smile: Thank you again AGS for respecting my time.

glad we can take the server down for the pheons but not to fix the disconnects.

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Already been disconnected twice today

Logged in at 9:30 after 5-10 mins got disconnected after 30 mins got disconnected after 30mins got disconnected again. I concluded that today is not the right day to do Raids.

Still happening. Crazy how giving out more pheons than intended results in immediate emergency maintenance but disconnecting during content and getting locked out isn’t addressed for over a week.

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Just got the EAC disconnect while sitting in Punika, had been online around an hour.

Still happening, dc 2 times in challenge abyssal dungeon.

Hey @Roxx hope you’re doing well, i don’t have the Easy anti cheat message error anymore but i already experienced twice this one instead on a span of 2-3 Hours, game look more unstable than before from what my friends told me. The tech/dev team need to really look into this before too many people become annoyed.

Have a great day/night,

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