Patch in March helped bots now crystal price 3100g

The gold nerf made in March was aimed only at the players, it was beneficial to the bots, thank you to the excellent AGS who did not play the game and patched it.
benefit to bots;
1 1445 ez hone
2 boots are no longer 1370 but 1445
3 game currency has become even more worthless
4 the number of bots increased more due to the vulnerability in the game
5 The bots we saw at the beginning of the game are nowboots everywhere in punika
6 bots now get more gold from una task
7 lost ark now %90 bot %10 maybe real player.


3300 now.

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Yesterday I were doing Oreha HM card runs using MM. On every of my 9 characters I was matchmade with at least 1 bot who either afk whole run or used skills hitting nothing. And guess what, there is an option to warn someone on abyss dungs but can’t kick them anyway. Good design btw

What server is this on? NAE crystals are down 500g

can you explain me where you have you facts from ?

bots didnt care if it was 4 days to go to 1375 or 3 days to 1302 ( berver quest ) and then hone a second char to 1445
the days per account are the same like before the patch ( also it makes no sense to have 2 characters on 1 account, cause the second account cant generate so much more gold. it does not double just because you have 2 chars on one account

they were before the patch already 1445 , because player bussed bots all day long

It encreased cause people have alot of gold and dont have to spend money to get pheons, they buy BC with gold , thats why it rises , has nothing to do with bots

2 weeks ago ( 10 days before the patch) we had 200k current player peak , today we have 100k players . so tell me how 100k players are more than 200k players ?

they are in Punika since last year april , dunno what you mean there are there since almost 1 year in Punika

500 gold per week on each account, again a second char does not count … so explain if a bot make 10.000 gold per week , you think that 500 gold is a valid reason that the BC price rises ?

pls tell me how you know ? you have numbers ?
so you say today we have 100k accounts just playing the game right now ,

only 10k player play the game ? even tho we had a new patch ? , man i see more raid lobbies then before the patch

pls explain your thougts

nothing what you say make sense

You don’t know anything about una task
100.000x 500= 50.000.000 gold, per weak
and they change these accounts after una task. this not only 100k bot…
they change accounts 3 times a week with your math
300kx5 150b gold.

and ? we had last year more than triple the amount of bots every day before the last big banwave

50 million per week is nothing for them

also , as long as people buy that gold its not the bots fault

its the players fault who buy that gold that the BC price is rising
cause if people would not RMT , there was no market for bot gold

also still

before the patch 200k player peak each day to now 100k

means even tho you say they switch 3 times a week accounts
its still hald the amount of bots

how you explain your thesis that we have more bots than before

even thos its half the amount showed on steam charts ?

on your logic it says

instead of 2500 each week unas gold its now 3000 gold

means your

100kbots * 3000g *3 times change = 900 million per week


200k bot * 2500g*3 change per week = 1.5 billion

how you explain its less gold than before per week
and you still say its a bad patch , and BC rise because of the changes ?

They were like 2700 not too long ago on NAE. I had to buy some for card packs. I remember spending 8100 for 285 or close to it. Only reason it shocked me was because frog is still around. I’d expect another spike after it goes.

frog only works when people use the frog , but most people dont sell that engravings , because they are too cheap to sell , or they already have them

so the impact of the frog decreses each week its longer there , thats why i told people since month that heaving the frog permanent wouldnt work

people have alot of gold atm , so they dont spend real money
as long as people dont spend real money compared to people buying BC it will rise

good thing, it will stagnate some time cause less gold for low itemlvl chars

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But people were saying gold nerf was going to help inflation. :joy:

It does not have an immediate or large impact to nerf Valtan gold. It needs time. It will also be more impactful when they include Vykas hard. Whether or not it’s a good change for NA/EU will take longer than a week to know for sure. It also depends on a number of other factors unique to our regions.

It seems to be doing well in Korea. It’s only been a week here, and all we know for sure is that it’s a win for players honing to 1445 and everyone else feels the kick to the balls unless they’re 1490+

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Players will NEVER generate more gold than bots. Like I’ve said in another post this whole situation is like a leaking ceiling. You use one bucket (valtan gold nerf) and when it fills up, you replace it with another bucket (vykas nerf). The ceiling is still leaking.

It worked in KR because they don’t have bots. 100% of the gold entering into the KR market is from players unlike us where majority are from bots.


they have bots aswell

they have RMT aswell

but yeah its way less

but there are people in KR which make a living from RMT trades
lots of KR streamers and Inven said that already

but its way more behind the doors and less open like the bots here in the western version

but you are right as long as players who rmt dont get a permanent ban , it wont work
cause as long people a willing to RMT , bots will stay

No, it’s fine you just have to give it a week or two. Four tops, maybe 2 months, or at the very least until the next big patch in summer, maybe a few months after that, for sure.


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Bots in KR is not a significant problem at all and can be ignored, 99% of their inflation comes from players.

RMT in KR is gold farmed by Players sold to other Players, not bots. Which means the gold in the economy remains the same causing no inflation.

You are just clueless, our inflation is caused by bots which literally print gold and inject it into our economy through RMT, the inflation caused by players is way smaller in comparison.
So lets say we have 70% inflation due to bots and 30% due to players, gold nerf only tackle that 30% leaving the other 70% completely untouched

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explain me the diffrence between someone who has 15-20 accounts in KR with 6x 18 legionraids per week gets bussed compare to bots ?

its is gold printing like bots do

it is the same and on LOA ON it got explained that this is the reason why they nerfed said raids in KR

because its a real inflation issue that there thousands of players do that

if im clueless, how it comes that you are clueless about this problem they have in KR ??
i am since 1 year in that forum , anbd since one year i say bots are bad and causing inflation
i never said bots does not cause inflation , you did you think that , that i dont know that ?

just because i say , hey KR has a big issue with RMT aswell ?

i know that all , why you try to tell me the reason how our inflation got cause ?
i just dont like that useless post from OP who says things out of blue without any proof
you dont have to expplain to me how inflation in Lost ark works
but thanks

also i said exactly that… why you then say im wrong when you say the complete same thing ?
did you even read my post ?

15-20?? who the fuck has time for that many accounts lmao
The difference is that humans have limited time, bots don’t. Kr also have limited number of accounts as well since it’s connected to their ID, bots here can create an infinite amount.

You never said that, you just said they have bots and RMT, which makes people assume it’s the same as in our version which is not the case.

I see that point, it’s the same reason I’m reserving judgment on this one until some time passes. There are two things tugging at me that are not the points most people focus on.

One is that it creates less gold in theory. The theory part is what I stress.

The other thing is that it’s now way easier for bots to cruise to 1445, so they may make more to ride busses, which is kinda why I’m hoping Valtan bussing dies down.

I’m not sure if it was the time of day, but I made another Lopanger yesterday and went to find them a Valtan bus and there were literally none in the lobby. I tried joining the bus discord and saw three hours had passed since someone advertised for a Valtan bus.

There’s just too much going on here, I’m going to wait and see what happens.

seems you are clueless

thats how mule account in KR works

its 6x 1460/1490 character , login in on 5-7 accounts on the same time ( depending on the raid, buy the same bus for all accounts simultaniously
and thats what KR Goldsellers do
its called multiboxing
they have 15-20 accounts ( you can easyly buy for 5 bucks an id and phonenumber in KR )

i thought you know how it works if you say to me im clueless

KR has about 350k accounts playing
about 20% of all that accounts are such mule accounts which just buy busses every week
and that gold get selled as a RMT ( real money trade)
to players which are buying it
(also alot of KR RMT seller use for that accounts bot programs aswell to lifeskill/chaosdungens )
now tell me why is this diffrent to the bots here in the western version ?

juts because its less account ? but they create way more gold per account each week…
why that is called player based inflation

its creating Gold the same way bots does it
its just not big companies with ten thousand of bots like in the western version , but there are thousand of “players” which do that in KR

same issue → creating gold out of nowhere which conclude into inflation